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We're your #1 source for Bride seats! Bride is Japan's #1 seat supplier, and found worldwide on everything from race cars to show cars and everything in between. These seats look great, feel great, and last!

I'll start off by saying this - Bride seats are not cheap - quality never comes cheap. However, that doesn't mean that they have to break the bank either! Bride offers seats for any use, and for just about any budget. Many of their seats are very competitively priced with other brands! Of course, if you're ballin', they got ya covered there too!

To make it easy, I'll break it up into priced categories. This way you have an idea of where the pricing is for each group.

Entry Level (low in price, but all the great quality you come to expect from Bride!)

Bride Digo - this is their entry level reclining seat, new for 2009. Medium height thigh bolsters, and reinforced shoulder areas. Prices start at just $850 + shipping for 1 seat with the base/slider. Extra discounts available when purchased in pairs! Unlike many other brands, Bride's base and slider is a DIRECT FIT, and comes preassembled with the slider already attached. Simply bolt it to the seat, and you're done!

We have them available in the following configurations

Black with Gradation (Gradation is the alternating grey center section with Bride logo)

All Black

Euro II

An all synthetic fabric called Buckskin, with mesh fabric center - give sthe seat a very upscale look, without totally breaking the bank

Ready to go in RED!

Mid Level - these are Bride's most popular seats on the market. Great no matter what type of driving you do. If you're after a sporty seat for a variety of conditions, check 'em out! Prices start at just $1020.00 + shipping for 1 seat with the base/slider assembly. Additional discounts of course when purchased in pairs!

Bride XAX II - these you'll notice have low thigh bolsters for easy entry/exit. These are the girlfriend/wife friendly Brides! We're doing extra discounts on all in stock XAX II for a limited time, while supplies last! Also available in leather via special order!

ready to go in the following:

Black with Gradation

The Ultra Rare XAX II Japan Edition! These were limited to just 100 seats worldwide, and we've got 2 pair left. Once they are gone, they are gone for good! These are among my favorite! SOLD OUT/NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION

Ergo II - these reclining sports seats feature a more aggressive thigh bolster, for increased support in the twisties. Also doing extra discounts on all in stock Ergo II while supplies last, so get 'em before they disappear! Also available in leather (special order only)

Ready to go:

Hyper Black (black with black stitched logo down the center)

Hyper Red (red with red stitched logo down the center)- 1 seat left

Brix II - features an aggressive thigh bolster as well as wider shoulder supports vs the Ergo. Also available in leather via special order SOLD OUT/NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION

VIP - these are Brides higher end models, which blurr the line between full racing buckets, and reclining street sports seats. Prices start at $1565 for 1 seat including the base/slider + shipping. Additional discounts when purchased as a pair!

Vorga Hyper Black - just 1 pair available! These feature an aramid rear backing with carbon weave - really slick looking (see pics 2 and 3 below)!

Gias Sport - a more cost effective version of the full GIAS seat. The sport model features a steel frame and FRP back. Available in black with red stitching - gorgeous seat! 1 pair available!

Gias - uses a carbon/kevlar back and aluminum frame. One of our most popular sellers!

Ready to go in hyper black

hyper red

Gias/Stradia Maziora - a special order seat that features a specially painted rear shell using the famous Maziora color shifting paint. The Gias has the taller thigh bolsters, the Stradia has the lower ones

Red/Gold Maziora (not my picture, but I'll snap a good one Monday showing the color shift better)


Any questions, let us know


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:word:...i want something to fit me not to snugly but enough to where its comfortable...im 6ft 290 lbs...with lower back injury....reccomendations would be appreciated

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Are there rails for the 06+ Civics with Bride seats yet?
yes, as posted, we have the genuine Bride ones. Stock is limited so we're going to hold them for guys who get the seats from us, since you can't install seats without the bases/sliders
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