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When it comes to power on the Si, we can all agree torque is the achilles heel. Because of it's small displacement, this is an engine that needs to rev to extract maximum power out of it. As the saying goes, there is no replacement for displacement (more on that in a minute) - and why should the Si guys be left out of the fun?

The BC stroker kit for the 2006-2010 Si includes a new forged crank, forged pistons and forged connecting rods. Crank stroke is increased to your choice of 92mm or 102mm (86mm is stock), and with allowing you to build and engine to 2.6 total liters of displacement with the selection of the 102mm crank.

Various options exist for piston compression ratio and rods, allowing us to tailor the kit to whatever your needs may be - NA, or boost. We can also offer piston coatings for maximum protection, low friction and longevity, as well as all the various ancillary parts you will need for a full, complete installation - from engine gasket kits, to cams, to valvetrain, etc.

Prices start at $3250 for the stroker kit components (pistons, rods, crank), and go up depending on the various options configurations.

This is for the guys after serious power, be it all motor, or forced induction! Worldwide shipping is available
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