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Brake sounds when I slowly let go of the brake pedal

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Hello, I have a 2008 Honda Civic Lx sedan with 182,000 miles on it. What I had done to my brakes are new rotors for the front, new brake pads for the front, one new drum brake on the driver side rear, new shoes for both rear drum brakes, and changed out the brake fluid for new fluid. I noticed this whenever I go from park to drive then let go of the brake pedal. I'll hear a little noise, but never looked into it. So I record it HERE
In the video I pressed the brake pedal all the way down and barely, ever so slightly, let up from the brake pedal. Not enough so I'll go forward, but enough that I know that I didn't let go completely from the brake pedal. Is that noise normal, or am I just messing something up form doing what I did.
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that's normal OP. The noise happens when you release the brakes slow and the friction of the disk with the pads creates the noise on your video. This issue is more noticeable on Automatic cars as you need to ride the brakes before you start moving. I can confirm I have that same noise
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