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Brake pedal not consistent and more to it.

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Hello everyone,

So about a yr ago my friend volunteered to flush my brake system when he was replacing my clutch and ever since my brake pedal never felt the same!

I've taken the car to 4 different places to get it re-bled and only got small improvements but the problem still there. I no longer have a stiff brake pedal, it would travel the to the floor. The car will stop but it's not confinement inspiring and it's not consistent with the feel. Meaning every press will feel different.

What you guys recommend i do next? Change the BMC? What could possibly happened?

Including a video to show how the pedal travel. Ignore the engine noise. It's getting swapped out.
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Make sure it doesn't run dry while doing it or it sucks air back in so you have to start all over again

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