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Brake pedal not consistent and more to it.

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Hello everyone,

So about a yr ago my friend volunteered to flush my brake system when he was replacing my clutch and ever since my brake pedal never felt the same!

I've taken the car to 4 different places to get it re-bled and only got small improvements but the problem still there. I no longer have a stiff brake pedal, it would travel the to the floor. The car will stop but it's not confinement inspiring and it's not consistent with the feel. Meaning every press will feel different.

What you guys recommend i do next? Change the BMC? What could possibly happened?

Including a video to show how the pedal travel. Ignore the engine noise. It's getting swapped out.
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When he flushed the system did he run it dry by any chance?
Thanks for reply. I actually don't know 馃槙
A couple of questions:
1. 4 wheel disc brakes or front disc rear drum?
2. Was any other work done (e.g., pad replacement on rear drum?)

This looks like a brake system with rear drum brakes that did not have the adjuster turned out properly.

That, or a damaged master cylinder o-ring or scored cylinder, which is allowing fluid bypass.
The car is a si with rear disc brakes. No pads or rotors replaced at the day he flushed the system. Afterwards i did replace the pads and rotors and tried numerously to bleed the system but the problem remained, coud he have possibly damaged something?
Thanks everyone for your response.
Did you relube the slides and piston when you did the pads? one of mine was froze up on my last pad change.
No i never done that, but it's good to know. I will do it on my next brake pads swap.
My brakes still feel soft and mushy. I went to test drive another si today and it was day and night difference. What do i do next? Swap the master cylinder?
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Bleed all 4 brakes first.
Make sure you get solid fluid, not air.
If you do that, and are good, then I'd suggest replacing the master cylinder.

Are ANY fittings seeping brake fluid? That would also be a problem.
No, i don't have any leaks anywhere in the system. And yes i already bled it today and i was getting clear fluid with no air.

I ordered a used oem master cylinder from ebay today. I will post an update once i install it.
So we installed a new brake master cylinder, new ss brake lines and bled the system but the problem remains! Any advice on what to do next? This has been frustrating, my car is excellent everywhere and handling is amazing with the upgrades i done, but sadly no brakes! :/ a friend was even suggesting dumbing away the chassis and get another one but i think that's crazy since the brake system is an external piece of the chassis!

Please guys help, I'm located in the bay area Cali, if you know anyone can fix it lmk.
Sometimes you gotta say goodbye to your brake pedal feel in the 8th gen platform. 馃珎馃憢馃ゲ goodbye, It's been nice knowing you!
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