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Brake Booster rod adjustment after Brake Master Cylinder replacement

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Hello Guys and Girls! I have got a question for you. Does anyone know the gapping spec between our Brake master Cylinder rod and the brake booster push rod? Anyone has experience adjusting them? What is the best method to do so?

I have replaced my CSX's (similar to Civic Si in the US) master cylinder but found the pedal is both soft and engaging relatively low towards the floor. I know it might be air in the line, so I am going to bleed them again, but just wondering if I needed to check the booster rod gapping to see if it is good. I have used an OEM unit so I am not sure if it is set to to Honda MFG spec??

Please let me know what you think.

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Do you have the factory service manual? If not, I recommend using this one: 2006-2011 Honda Civic Service Repair Manual and Wiring Diagram | PDFs Free Online
Thanks for the link FD7683, I do have the factory service manual, but couldn't find any info regarding the gapping spec between the brake master cylinder push rod and the brake booster push rod. I assume it is factory set from the part manufacturer? Just wanted to verify that the spec is indeed correct for the OEM parts that I have installed.

I do have heard from the Toyota forums that if there is a positive interference (meaning the booster push rod is touching the brake master cylinder rod) there might be a chance that the compensating port got covered by the piston head, preventing the heated brake fluid returning to the reservoir, and when pressure build-up by the expending fluid, it could cause brake drag, or worst case complete brake seized. Anyone know is this the case with our master cylinder?

Found this instruction by Cardone, has anyone ever did this when changing their brake master cylinder? I have seen the general clearance to be about 0.020" NSX pushrod adjustment can anyone confirm this? Appreciate any input. Thanks


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