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If anyone is on here from the area, please comment back. Haven't seen much activity in the area. I would really like to get this going in the 941
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Yea I'm talking to him. He's looking to part very soon.
Just wondering do you have any problems in Sarasota being that low? I kind of want to go lower but I'm not sure I can do it..

Three major speedbumps to get to my dad's house and a really bad driveway to get into my moms won't make it easy for sure
Most of the roads in Sarasota are better then Bradenton. What I do tend to notice is whenever I pull into somewhere the entrance is for the most part always at a incline. I just go slow and at a angle. My driveway entrance is really bad I always scrape something mid way of the car. As far as speed bumps, if they are small I can do them. But when I go to my friends house, which is apartments they got big ones. I just park at the entrance by the pool or walk. Or if im feeling lazy I drive the ManVan. Lol i also have a 01 Honda Odyssey which is my ruck hauler.
Yeah I come out of my driveway pretty steep already. It's a really bad rain gutter thing to a steep incline..my friend in a stock 4 door scraped getting out of it.

Also at my dads I put one side up on the gutter things and the other side goes over the speed bump so I don't scrape my mid pipe lol.

Well in that case I might try to go a little lower this weekend if I can get time to work on my car :shrug:
What you riding on? Yea just go a lil lower and see how well you can do with getting in and out. I plan to part with my suspension if i do go SC
Currently Godspeed-Mono RS. And yeah that's my plan :shrug:

Why not just raise it up? What are you on?
I plan to reinstall my Neuspeed race springs which is still a 2'' drop. No need for coils if im not going to be slammed. Ive got Buddy Club N+
Ahhh okay. Fair point.
Yea, plus im going to need to raise it for room for some meaty sticky tires :vtec:
Looks nice, homeslice!

ASM crew ayyyeeee

100% exactly what my plans were also hahaha. I love my Neuspeed Race sprangs
Yea i loved my springs. Just enough lowness to not be called a truck :dance:
Atleast I can say i have experienced the low life
Yeah I get mad at my car sometimes. And I want to sell it and get an automatic-something lol.

I was really mad at it last week cuz it was making very strang noises when moving. But I seemed to fix it. It was three loose lug nuts wth mang.

But I think I would like some cheap ass 4-cyl. automatic car to just drive to work and ish.

Driving a stanced and boosted Si to work everyday in traffic is a bit too much for me :rotfl:
So get yourself a daily driver bro. That's why i got my manvan
Lol. I'm thinking about getting rid of the man an and getting a Chevy Colorado
Jordan get a cr-z in manual, good on gas, looks pretty nice lowered, and you won't be tempted to race it b/c it's a hybrid :think:
You like those? Im a fan of a fit sport. They look so clean, and automatic and paddle shifters on the steering wheel for whenever you feel like getting a lil crazy :vtec:
Yeah they've grown on me for sure.
And lol what engine is in those?
In the fit? i believe a 1.6 i could be wrong though
Those are sooo hawt! I just priced one yesterday on kbb and with tons of options it was only $24k!

Maybe! They are kinda coo. But I would rather spend < $6,999 on something. But there is a very limited selection of cars out there for that money.... :(

Broooooooooo Fits are like my super faves! You have no idea. I would do anything for the new model. Have you seen't it? Omg I am IN LOVE.

Get a white one, automatic, red JDM badges, and some kind of wheels and just UGH! :turboleghump:

I think a 1.5. I would love to K-swap one. OMG yaaassss.
I found out some colorado's came with a 5.3 300hp but they are hard to find and expensive !

Fits look so slean lowered and some wheels
Yeah I totally adore the Fits. Really all of them. Please check the newest one, mang.
Seen it. Not a fan. I do however want a 12-13 teal one :dance::dance:
17x9+24 215/40

Thinking about 15mm spacers...
Why not run some 204-40's or even a 195-40? Don't like the stretch ?
205-40-17 is safe. I sometimes forget I'm stanced with the way I drive. 195-40 would have been my option if I didn't drive like I do.
Idk I drive really hard sometimes.

You know longwood run? Its off of University?
I go time attack on that like three times every time I go out driving lol.
I'm scared of debeading honestly
I think so, not 100% sure on my roads in Sarasota.
It's all good, I understand
Not everyone feels safe.
On the kid with the rising sun, I did his rear's 205-40 on a x10
He has to run 50psi to ensure debeading
See that sh*t scares me lol

I think 215/40 looks perfect and feels somewhat safe when I drive hard

At some point though I want to get a 235/40 on a x10 because it'll still stretch but it'll look amazing from the rear
Lol yea. Ive done 215-40-17's on a x10.5
That one was a b***h to get on
Mostly all the honda's you see in Bradenton with stretches Ive done
Im actually looking into 235-40's right now. Need some sticky tires
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