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If anyone is on here from the area, please comment back. Haven't seen much activity in the area. I would really like to get this going in the 941
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I'm from sarasota, and your right. there's not a lot that goes on here. most of the 8th gens I see around here are driven by grandmas and grandpas.
Oh yeah, I live in Sarasota. Too many old people driving them.

I live in Bradenton.
I work in Sarasota.

Can not afford to live in Sarasota.
Can not find a job that pays in Bradenton.

I commute back and forth. I decided to remove my race header and reinstall the stock stuff because i was embarrased to smell my unsmogged exhaust at every traffic light and attracting police and irritating the old with the stench and raspy noise.


Me getting old too. My long hair is turning gray. Going on 48 years old driving a 06' Si coupe blending in with the slow traffic on US 41 so i guess i am between the young and the old i suppose?

Man, it really slow here today at work.
Have good day.

If anything starts up, that would be cool.
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I live in Bradenton, and work for the City of Sarasota so I'm always driving back and forth. Drive a ROP FA5.
I was in Sarasota 5 years ago and I Saw a lot of Canadians seniors out there. I know what you mean when you say is a lot old people Brad/Sarasota.⛳
Yeah I've seen alot of older people driving them, but I saw one black Si coupe going across to Siesta Key. I also saw a Clean as *uck Galaxy Gray Civic 4dr with HFP all around. I have a Galaxy Gray 4 door but mines a LX with 11 Si wheels on it. PM me if it was you! I like those wheels!
Live and work in sarasota. Wife drives my 08 black Si coupe to venice for work everyday. I drive her 99 4runner 4wd with v6. The Horunner is TERRIBLE on gas. So I don't get to drive my car much :vtec: Except on weekends. And until I fix the stupid clicking suck ass CMC....i almost don't wanna drive it. And i'm old too...40
I live In Ellenton but am often in Bradenton and Sarasota. Just picked up my first Si a few months ago, 11' ASM FA5 and loving it. However my wife has taken a liking to it and keeps taking it to work!

I know a bit about cars but not loads so it would be good to talk to other drivers about the Si. Don't want to mod mine much as its still pretty new but little tweaks are nice.
^ if any of you guys are interested... im selling a tsudo exhaust catback for civic si 06-11 for 150pick up. fort myerss fl. message me :D
I will be living in Sarasota this time next year when I get out of the army!

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^ if any of you guys are interested... im selling a tsudo exhaust catback for civic si 06-11 for 150pick up. fort myerss fl. message me :D
Wish I was there now for that! Maybe if you have it around christmas time when I come down for leave lol
I'm in Sarasota. It sucks so bad. We should set something up
Have u guys mostly done mods on ur cars yourselves since there's not many car shops in the area ?
Anybody go to the kennel club downtown for a little bit of autocross?

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I'm in Sarasota. It sucks so bad. We should set something up
I won't be there again till November :(

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what goes on around this area? i just moved here back in November
Hey guys, out in Ruskin. A little north of Bradenton. I had a 08 fg2. But sold it for a 2011 sti sedan. Just sold that and got a 2011 Lexus is250.
All I ever see in Sarasota are old people driving the same blue 2 door as me...but higher off the ground lol. I'm on stock wheels and low if anyone ever sees a blue 2 door :D
Sooo does anyone know who has the GG FA5 on black RPF1s? I see him in the mornings sometimes going south on Beneva.
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