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I have a 2006 Honda Civic Si. So far after 107,000 miles have only replaced the clutch and have had some brake work. However, I have been having problems lately and have no idea what is going on. Wanted to get opinions. Please help! Here's a timeline:

Around April 15th - Noticed BOTH fog lights no longer illuminate. Around February had a honda tech change out my foglight lenses...but what are the odds that both would just STOP working? I'm pretty sure they stopped at the same time. I haven't gotten this looked at yet.

May 1 - After turning on my headlights at night, I noticed that there was NO back light behind my radio channel buttons and my a/c-heat buttons. (about 3 of the bulbs had been blown prior, but now the rest of the lights are completely gone...a HUGE difference). I attempted to adjust the dimmer, but that only affects the digital dash, which still lights normally.

May 1 (later that day) - Got pulled over by a cop who said BOTH my tail lights weren't working. (My brake lights DO work, however)

I cannot find the tail light fuse in the manual...nothing on the fuse diagram in the manual indicates "tail light fuse" nor am I clear on which fuse controls the interior A/C-heat and radio button lights.

I already checked and changed out the fuses for:

Under dash
slot35 accessory,radio (7.5A)
slot19 small lights main (15A)
slot14 small lights interior (7.5A)
slot15 small lights exterior (7.5A)
slot6 front fog lights (20A)

Under hood
slot22 interior light (7.5A)
slot23 back up (10A)

Could someone tell me what is going on? Any ideas?


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I'll take a crack at it...

Fogs: Maybe the switch/button isn't working?? Check for loose connections.

Radio/AC: Take it out and see if the connections are loose. You'll never know.

Tail lights: Try replacing your bulbs. Check fuse #12, under-hood.
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