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Has anybody driven the entry level 1 with the NA engine?

I went to our local BMW dealer friday night and drove a base Z4 3.0si, 6MT. they offered the car to me for 36K OTD. I thought that to be a good offer on there part with a MSRP of around 42K for that car.

But they had no 1's on the lot and the 1 rag top isn't due out until spring. So I didn't pull the trigger on the z4.

My first choice for a roadster was of course the S2000. but Im to tall and round to fit in the car with any real comfort level. Second was the Miata. I fit in them round wise just fine. but no head room in the rag or hard top.

If anybody has any info on the Series 1 first hand. Please post up. while the rag top isnt a roadster the coupe looking interesting enough to wait and see.

Thank You
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