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For the 800th time, I got this question today, and it makes me so sick, I finally had to post in it. I have yet to find a winter tire that did awful in the winter. Some are better than others, but in varying ways. Some get better traction in snow, especially deep snow (Blizzaks), some better in road manners and wet traction (Michelin X-ice, M3 and 3D Dunlops) and many others in between (Graspics, Ultragrips, Wntersports, etc).

Then we get into the cliche word of mouth:
1- Well I heard the Michelins are roaring loud. from who? then no answer. They have a mild directional design, but are not remotely known for being loud.
2- Blizzaks wear out after 1 season. Um, Im on my Revo1 now for my third season, and the wear looks great. Anyone who peels out in winter tires deserves to have them wear out faster. Stop driving them in the spring as well.
3- Studded tires are better for grip. Studding is old old old technology. I can get reception with bunny ears on my tv, but I prefer a satelite. Studs can only be used in tires with a semi-allseason compound because a true winter rubber cant hold studs...its too soft. the contact biting edges ona studded tire is about 6 spots on a contact patch. compare that to a softer winter rubber with thousands of sipes in the tire. Read and review from anyone who tests tires on snow tracks or ice rinks.
4- I can use 2 winters with 2 all seasons...my gransfathers fathers father did it for years. that may be true, but older winter tires used the same compound as allseasons...they were just knobbier. its like going for a jog with one running shoe and one work boot...in the snow. it can be done, but the chance of injury just jumped up a whole lot. plus check the lawsuits stemming from people driving with that setup. you put yourself and the company who sold it to you at risk.
5- after 50% of the treadwears off, Blizzaks are no longer winter tires. Let me pause here. what makes a winter tire? the rubber compound, tread design and siping. Once any of these are gone, you no longer have a winter tire..including siping. The first 50% of certain Blizzak tires is a tubemulticell compound. Basically, many other winter tires are 100% winter rubber top to bottom, Blizzaks are (for lack of a better way to explain it) extra-grippy special winter rubber for the first 50%, then afterwards, turns into regual winter rubber like everyone else. so which is better? dont make me explain this again. please
6- all season tires work as well as winter tires in the snow. ill admit, there are some all seasons that do great in some conditions. goodyear has the tripletread and the eagle f1 as. michelin has the exalto, etc etc. it is a proven test-tracked fact that winter rubber grips better than all seaosn rubber in the winter. check the wetaher repots and judge accordingly. some people just dont need winters, others do. personally, lake michigan lake effect snow can ruin my drive home when i have to dig my car out. i need snows.

any questions? hopefully i can get to them, cos were swamped! enjoy!
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