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Lucky me it was held down the street this year.
it was my first time attending it, and the only thing i can say is WOW.
when i walked in at first i almost had an anxiety attack because there were sooooo many mindblowing cars i didnt know where to start.
i spent two hours walking around.
met up with some friends that run with the german crowd.
pretty cool people.
but the cars are unbelievable.
honestly, (and it might be just my preference for bmw, but) there isnt a word in the english language to describe what was going on with me emotionally when i was browsing the cars.
i almost turned green with envy.

here are some pics.
disclaimer: I am not a photogropher, nor do i have any knowledge in how to take good pics. all photos were taken with the amazing iphone...

The most amazing 7 series ive ever seen

Friends m3

Alpina B7

kgb is coming

the lines are soooo smooth on this car

btw its for sale

how low is it, you ask?
low enough to go through oil pans every 3 months

Full race, track ready, wide body, v10 m3

1200 hp m3. it wasnt the only one there

i LOVE this car

you like platinum?

moar you say?


hot car

oh, thats nice

on second that, :drool:

wait wait wait wait... are those 325s on the rear?!?!?!

yes. yes they are

this had to be the king of the show

and if your woudnering WHY he has 325s... its because hes running the biggest compressor ive ever seen


track ready, for sale, 20k obo.. its blindingly fast. i almost snapped my neck trying to turn my head to keep up with him as he flew by me

these are common in la



i didnt get a pick of this car earlier so i snapped a shot as i was waslking out. ive always hated that fenix yellow color until i saw this car. i wish i snapped a better pic

these pictures dont do any justice to these cars
these pics only show about 5% of the show and the rest of the cars werent any worse than these.

dont like it? good. STFU AND GTFO

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gander? whats that

and i didnt know theyre were gonna come out so huge lol my bad.

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Awesome pictures, wish I would of gone....
I can believe you didnt get any pics of teh HPF cars....
That red M3 (Tazas) is insane, he also has it for sale for 80K..
tbh, i didnt like the cars that hfp displayed.
the cars they had out were way over the top, look at me type of modding.
i found it obnoxious... but that doesnt change the fact that they probably had the fastest cars there.

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Sweet baby Jebus there were some sexy cars. the one I want the most is that KGB 2002. :thumb:

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i was about to go with the m3 forum people, but their admin and the site failed to activate my account so i couldnt post. lol
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