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So yesterday I washed my car and all's well, then last night spend about 2 hours on the freeway. I got home, slept, nothing seemed out of place.
But then this morning I get to work, go to grab my stuff from my trunk, and there it is: a big nasty scratch. A horrible white line in my clean nhbp paint.

So I don't see this being in a place where debris from the road could have caught it. Do you think? My mind went straight to keyed. It's decently deep (you can see where I prayed it would rub off, with the smear from licking my thumb and wiping), and the top and bottom of the scratch had much less pressure compared to most of it.

I donno.... what do you think? Was I keyed in the middle of the night? Is there any way this thing can be buffed out? Would touch-up paint do the trick maybe? I'm freaking out here! :SHOCKED:
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