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today I listed a WTB post for a Cobb access port for our cars and wilsonn messaged me saying he has one to sell me he sends pictures all is looking legit except I didn't notice it at the time but he didn't show his username date or anything like that in the picture. Anyhow I make him an offer of 200$ (not alot of access ports get sold and judging from other car models that price sounded fair) he accepts it and I request to use paypal he says that his paypal doesn't work, so tell him that he could make a ebay listing for it. He than says he doesn't want to do that because of fees from ebay and that if he lists it on ebay he'll up the price to 400+shipping before telling me to check ebay for myself which I have and you cant even find any listing for our access ports. I then tell him that I want to do ebay because it protects the buyer and the seller and offer to pay the 11% fees ebay has and asks him if he has another payment that would work. Wilsonn then brings up venmo and zelle and how venmo has buyer protection. At this point I'm starting to get unsure of this transaction so I research venmo to find out they only have very certain types of buyer protection and what were doing wouldn't be covered (I've never used venmo before so correct me if I'm wrong) I tell him that and link to the TOS of venmo before he tells me that his account is a business account. at this point I decide to go for it but only if he can send me another picture this time with the note of his username and todays date. he is resistant at first to taking the picture before he sends me a picture he has already sent before with time with another picture photoshopped onto it as a note as you can see bellow

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after this I decide it too sketchy and call him out on how the date is off the 2 years in the note as well as bringing up his accounts age into question since its only 16 days old at the time of righting. He than says that its a typo and makes another picture again using the last picture as a base and photoshopping the note on top of it

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after this I call him out for trying to scam me and report him to the mods and I'm only making this post so that people are aware of him.
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