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Car: Honda Civic NHBP LX Coupe
Goal: Mostly just aesthetic mods, maybe a few suspension mods.


  • 20% tint all around
  • Civic Debadge
  • Blue Batmobile's tail light tint (double 6/10 tint)
  • Si Spoiler
  • Sportline 925's 18" Rims
  • Nokya Hyper Yellow DRL's
  • Foglights with Nokya Yellow Bulbs
  • Lip Spoiler Removal
  • Front/Rear JDM Badge
  • License Plate LED's
  • Nokya Arctic White Headlights
  • Blue Batmobile's Eyelids

  • Blue Dome Light LED
  • CS-X3 Air Spencer
  • White LED Map Lights
  • Steering Wheel Emblem

  • Si Suspension
  • Si Rear Sway Bar

Future Mods:
  • Eichbach Prokits (in process )
  • Wing/Lipless Trunk
  • Kazera KZ-J 18x7.5 +40mm rims
  • Paint the Grill
  • Sidemarkers (bought)

first day:



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Looks good so far!
Thanks! I'm trying to do all these mods on a budget. Poor college student ftl

i loved! the rims before the red lip.
hahah thanks for your opinion. I'm just trying things out and deciding later if I should keep it or not. So far I kinda like the red lip. Rims kinda seemed plain without them.
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