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alrite a while back i got backed into my a trailor hitch..indented my bumper in 3 spots..2 not bad the paint is fine its just slight indentations but one it scuffed the paint down to the prime on my front bumper..so instead of paying 500 for repairs at honda i could possibly do this to fix the paint?..the indent wont go away i dont think but possibly. will the sanding help if i sand the whole indent and base coat it all enough..and is 600/1000 sanders good like the DIY in this section says? i was figuring even if i couldnt get the indent all the way out i could fix the paint..but it is still noticable..any other ideas of how to fix the indentation? its not cracked or anything just slighty indented..if that makes sense..

i have dealer oem paint + clear coat..all i need is a few of those brushes in the DIY..along with sanding things.
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