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Ive posted this before but got no response so im trying again.
I have a 2007 Honda Civic Ex with the touch screen navigation system. I have an aux port which usually worked fine until recently when it would go in and out. I Sometimes have to hit the top of my dashboard where the navigation system is so that it will give me full sound when my phone is plugged into the aux. If not then only the passenger side speakers will work.
I've taken the car to multiple shops. Replaced all the speakers (except for one tweeter up at the front), tried different aux cords and replaced the aux port with an OEM aux port. I still lose sound on the left side of the car unless I bang the top of the dashboard above the navigation system. Sometimes when my pull out my phone charger that plugged into the charging port ( I call it cigarette lighter) and the quickly plug it back in, the full sound will come back on again. I've also replaced the charging port ( I call it cigarette lighter) with an OEM part.
Any suggestions on what to do?????
I really don't want to buy a new radio because it will be worth more than the car.
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My civic is the same and it must be in the radio as I have tried everything you have. Sorry I cant be of more help.
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