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Went to an autocross this weekend. I planned on only sticking around to watch, but a few friends from the local scene were running and I got to be a rider with one (she needed some counter-weight). :laughing:

Mazdaspeed 3 -- I got there too late to see this one run

A fellow Si! He says he stops by the Ocho, but lurks. I loved his car and he gave me a ride in it to experience it's vtec! :vtec: ::drooling:

Subie STI! Another I didn't get to see run. :(

Mustang GT Shelby -- this car ran the track amazingly well. I couldn't stop admiring it. The guy wasn't too friendly but his wife seemed to appreciate the admiration I had for their car.

Keeps it clean!

Older Mustang -- a beast! Had to have had an engine swap as this thing sounded mean!

Mr-5 Spyder -- danced well around the cones! I was surprised it kept up in the class it was in.

S2k -- didn't see it run: I was helping change wheels.

Evo -- LOVED the color and wheels on this car. It looked HOT.

And I rode in this BMW. It's great! Amazing how well it performed as it was a DD. Grabbed times in the upper 40s.


I don't have much respect for Neons, but this thing (dubbed "The Grape") was CRAZY fast!

Evo -- HIGHLY modified. The owner said it puts down about 500hp! :SHOCKED: Hearing it take off was :love:

NOBLE!!!! :love::drooling: :hail:


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I don't know about that "Shelby" Mustang. Why is there no Cobra badge on the front grille, and why does it have the GT siver cap on the back? It should also have a cobra. The side stripes should also read GT 500 instead of Shelby GT (if I'm not mistaken). I think that guy had a case of Type R-itis. You know what I mean: Type R Accord, Civics, Fits, Neons, and whatever else the sticker will stick to. There's a ton of them in the rice thread. Still though, looks like you had a great time with all the cars. Sucks the guy was a jerk though. He probably didn't want you to take to close a look at his "Shelby", and bust him as a poser.
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