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I jacked this from the Autocross thread. Thought it would get more interest here. I apologize in advance if i step on anyones toes by moving it.

2/8/09 Philly SJR SCCA Autocross Winter Series Event #2 @ Citizens Bank Park

Just inviting some 8thgens to come out and have some fun.

Sunday, Febuary 8, 2009 is the second event of the South Jersey SCCA / Philly SCCA joint winter series and is being held at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. This series has 4 events total, 2 held at New Jersey Motorsports Park and 2 at Citizens Bank Park.

Preregister here MotorsportReg.com : Event Details

Your car can be completely stock and still run. Any car can race, tell your friends about it.
Original post was by jcr557. I think im heading down with my friend and his prelude if anyone else is thinking about going PM me so i can look for some fellow 8thcivic members.:dance:
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