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From those news hounds at:

Autoblog.com said:
...Roads and Traffic Authority's anti-speeding campaign in Australia that diminishes any macho cachet surrounding risky traffic moves by showing wagging pinky fingers, implying the behavior is compensation for, well, you know.

Simon Jardak received an AUS$400 fine, but contends that the wiggling pinky gesture his victim made was akin to sexual assault, and enraged him far more than her flashing her headlights and using other common rude gestures. Whatever, dude. Are you that insecure? If you're having a gestural fight with another driver while rolling down the highway, you deserve whatever rudeness you get. What amounts to a schoolyard taunt certainly doesn't deserve having things hurled at your car. Perhaps Mr. Jardak needs to cool his temper a bit – we can certainly imagine that anyone reckless enough to engage in an argument on the road and throw things at other cars might not be the most responsible driver.

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