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Ok guys, i think this is a cool idea for a thread, post your vehicle info, and mod list. you should update it as you mod more and more.

This is not a chat thread, 1 post per person with mod list, you may update, but dont plan meets in here, mods will delete.
ill go first.


Taffeta White FG2
Interior mods

Grafixp Steering wheel emblem
Type R shift knob
Mugen si shift knob (depends on my mood)
Si console badge
S2000 Push start
Red led console lights and dome light
Tomtom one navi

Exterior mods

JDM Badges
debadged deck lid
HFP front lip
6000k p/p HID kit
Tint all around 15%

Under the hood ice and performance

Xintake (real not homemade)
P2r intake manifold gasket
P2r Tbs and gaskets
Type R Valve cover
Type R Spark plug cover
Type R dipstick
Spoon Sports Oil cap.
Spoon Sports reservoir covers
14mm socket
12mm socket
Apexi N1 catback Exhaust


Buddy Club N+ 15 way adjustable coilovers
Skunk2 camber arms. silver color.
Camber bolts for the front.
2006 Si wheels (better color imo)

Future mods:
2008 Civic LX sedan with mugen gp's and a sexy ass drop. thats it!



Si suspension, eibach sportlines
Mugen door visors
6000k hids
Si grill
20 percent tint all around.

Suzuka Blue AP2

Tein S techs
JDM Sidemarkers

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Nighthawk Black Pearl FG2

Engine/Performance Modifications

Injen CAI
P2R TB spacer and gaskets
Skunk2 70mm

Exterior Modifications
Fog lights
4300K Hids

Interior Modifications
SPOON ti sfift knob
WeatherTech floor mats

Alpine headunit & amp. 2 JL Audio 10"

Other Modifications

Future mods
CF hood
Bronze si rims

In progress
Black H emblems
Red stripe on grille "GTI/GLI look"

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2006 NHBP SI

20% Tint
HFP Lip Kit
HFP sports muffler
OEM Fogs

HFP Struts + Comptech Springs
Mugen GP's
Dunlop SP's
Ichiba V2 25mm Spacers
Muteki SR34 Lug Nuts
HFP Brake Kit

Modified Mafs Intake with APEXI Filter
P2R Throttle Body Spacer + 2 Gaskets
P2R Intake Manifold Gasket
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail

Type R Shift Knob
S2000 Push Start
SuperbrightLED's under dash

Pioneer Avic-D3
MTX 7510
Kicker 150.2


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haha ridge racer...... lol alrighty. mines short but got great plans for future.

NHBP FA5 checking in..

Authentic Mugen si shift knob
painted stockies with time attack on black
tint 32% window and tinted taillights

Engine Mods:
Injen CAI
Skunk2 60 mm exhaust

greddy turbo
70 mm skunk2
drop on skunk2 coilovers
Mugen GP's
FD2 Conversion.

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2008 Nighthawk Black Pearl FA5

Engine/Performance Modifications
*HFP sports muffler
*Mugen QS v.2

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades

*HFP sports suspension kit

Exterior Modifications
*GA Retrofitters-LLC TSX Custom Shrouds/CMS I & II
*5000K RetroSolutions 35W Digital HID

Interior Modifications
*35% 3M CS TINT (The Tint Dude in Woodstock)
*Canadian Acura CSX Console
*Strutking Dead Pedal w/SS Screws


*Pioneer Avic-D3 w/White Rice Mod

Future Modification Plans

*Front Lip for Christmas...
*Wheels next year...

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Interior Modifications:
-Aluminum Floor Mats
-TWM Performance Bombshell Shift Knob
-TWM Performance Bronze Base Bushings
-TWM Performance Bronze Cable Bushings
-Sparco 4-point Harnesses (Driver and Passenger)
-Sparco S3 Shoulder pads
-Glowshift Guage Pod
-Air/Fuel Guage by Glowshift
-Fuel Pressure Guage by Glowshift
-Vacuum Pressuge Guage by Glowshift
-Steering Wheel Red "H"
-Hero Camera

In-Car Entertainment:
-OEM Honda Navigation w/ Voicelink
-XM Satellite radio
-Kicker Components Front Speakers : KS6502
-Kicker Components Rear Sub : KS6502 (took out the stock sub and custom mounted a mid and 2 tweeters

Exterior Modifications:
-18% Window Tint w/ 6" Winshield Strip
-Lamin-x Yellow Headlight tint
-Lamin-x Red Taillight tint
-Removed "i-vtec" decals
-Removed rear "Civic" emblem
-Front grille "I-Vtec" and "Civic" emblems
-"VERIPHAST" (for some that failed 3rd grade it's "Very Fast") decal
-"Objects in mirror are losing" Side mirror decal
-"L.E.D." brake light overlay
-JDM Yellow Low beams
-JDM Yellow High beams
-Cleared Headlights
-JDM Yellow Fogs
-Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
-Front and Rear Red "H" 's

-18" Motegi Racing SP5
-BF Goodrich G-Force KDW2 215/40ZR18

Suspension Modifications:
-Megan Racing Front lower strut brace
-Megan Racing Rear lower strut brace
-Megan Racing H-brace
-Carbing Front upper strut tower bar
-Battle Endless BE-RS B-Pillar Bar
-Eibach Pro-Kit
-Progress Rear sway(waiting to be installed)
-Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
-Ingalls Front Camber Bolt

Engine Modifications:
-AEM Cold Air Intake
-Comptech Header
-T1R Test-pipe
-Apex N1 Cat-back Exhaust
-Ingalls Stiffy ETD
-NST Pulleys (Three pulley set)
-ACT Prolite Flywheel
-Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
-PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover
-PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover


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Hi everybody.

2008 Si

Interior: Nothing
Why ruin perfection... yet
anyone know of a good radio install tech?

Full custom vinyl graphics, undercar white leds
Future: 1 inch drop 5% tint, black projectors and led black tails,
maybe spoiler delete and decal removals, let people guess.. muahaha

Suspension.. not a clue except what i messed up in putting under exterior

F5 short ram
custom headers, test pipe, stock exhaust
Fully ported and polished heads with "double coil" springs
hondata img and intake heat sources bypass.

208hp at wheels sae corrected.

55 shot nos or supercharger, haven't made up my mind,a no idea on what motor can handle, info on this would be nice.
p2r spacer and gaskets, stage 2 cams and hondata reflash if i go nos.. probably will
long tube cai and ported intake, 70mm t/b zex full nitrious contol system.. if i go nos and custom guages. forged pistons 12:1 and rods.. already have when i get to deciding to nos.. 150 shot. if i decide, no idea

looking at 265-275 at wheels resp. :) if i go 55 shot.. might wuss out and go 35 Lol

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2006 Nighthawk Black Pearl FG2

LED Map & Dome lights
Brass shifter Bushings
CSX sliding center console
Customer Gauge Cluster with AEM wideband and True Boost Gauge

S2K Retro W/ 55W Bulbs and Ballasts
Blazer Retro Fogs
20% tint with 5% windshield strip.
Superbright LED's license plate LED's
JDM Badges
PowerSlot slotted rotors
Hawk Pads
SS brake lines

Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
Camber Arms (rear)
Camber bolts (front)
Progress rear Sway
Tanabee "H" Brace

Home-made "K"-Intake
BCRH with defouler
CT-E Stage 2 Supercharger
LSD J-Sport Exhaust
Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser
P2r intake manifold gasket
"8thCivic" Battery Tie down

RSX Type S Wheels
Dunlop Star Specs 225/45/17

Mugen GP's
Hankook RS-2 225/40/18

Future Mods:

** I know I'm missing something, Will update when it comes to me**

New Wheels


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2006 Nighthawk Black Pearl FG2 :dance:

User: Desiguru
Name: Hiren

Custom Weighted Shift Knob
Passport 8500 w/ smart mute button mounted by steering wheel
Auger Shift boot
CT short Shifter
Brass shifter Bushings

20% tint with 5% windshield strip.
Bat Headlight Overlays
Bat Taillight Overlays
JDM Badges
PowerSlot slotted rotors
GS 6 Brake Pads (Kinda dusty at times)

Megan Front Tie
Megan 4 pt Mid Tie
Megan 2 pt rear tie
Battle Endless front Strut
HFP Suspension

Injen CAI PAIRED to Apexi Filter
Greddy Evo2
Buddy Club/Strut Header

Strata tires

Future Mods:
Jackson SC
Tein Coilover
TE - 37's Black w/red stripe

Sorry for the pics, Only ones I have.



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2008 NHBP SI Coupe W/ Navi

Performance Mods
Fujita SRI
P2r Throttle body spacer with 2 gaskets
DC Sports Race header 4-2-1
Apexi World Sport II Cat Back

best dyno - 205.7hp 146.4tq

HFP Suspension
Stock Wheels and Tires

35% 3M Color Stable auto film
Weathertech side window deflectors
MSD DashHawk

Wish list
Lighter wheels
Better tires
Super Charger
Projector w/ HID's

i need some pics..

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2k8 Fiji Blue Pearl FG2

Mod List:


Suspension/Wheels and Brakes:

Wincos 30% on doors on back and Wincos 20% on sunroof

Future Plans:
RX-7 FC (Series 5) Shift Knob custom covered with 08 Shift Boot leather and red stitching and possible Si embroidered on the top.
HFP front Lip with CF overlay
Pinstripe, I-VTEC, and Civic Badge delete
BiXenon Retros with Yellow Angel Eyes and 5K or 6K HID bulbs.
18" Rims in bronze with BF Goodrich KDW's.
Front and Back Camber kits.

More to come.

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2007 rr Fg2

Performance Mods:
Comptech Supercharger Stg 2
Stiegemeier rebuilt & ported as well as lower manifold
Merc racing aftercooler w/ bosh pump, heat exchanger, and remote fill
Injector Dynamics 725
Walbro high flow fuel pump
NGK spark plugs heat range 8
Tuned by Dug at Top Speed
Hondata 4 bar map
Vibrant cat-back exhaust
Vibrant race header
Hondata Flash-Pro
Russell stainless steel clutch line
JDM Power Chamber Whale Chode
Honda Odessey battery relocate kit
Exedy Stage 1 organic clutch & 9 LB Flywheel
Corsportusa shifter bushings
twm short shifter
twm base bushings
port & polished throttle body (4mm bigger)
p2r img
T1R crank pully
T1R Earthing System

Suspension/Wheels and Brakes:
T1R B-52 Dampeners
Cusco OS front strut bar
Corner Balance by Forged Performance
Skunk2 rear camberm arms V2 (gold)
Ingle Front Camber Bolts
Progress rear sway bar
Corsport endlinks V2
Megan rear lower tie brace
Boomba motor mounts
T1R Stainless Braided Brakelines
Motul RBF 600 brake fluid
Enkei rpf1 17"x7.5"
BF Goodrich KDW 2's 225 45 17
Hawk plus performance brake pads

HFP front lip
Pair of Bride Zeta III w/ B.C. rails
Super Bright L.E.D. under dash glow
Personal Fitti E3 Corsa Steering Wheel Suede Red Stitching
HKB hub
T1R mini quick release (discontinued! oh yea!)
Mugen shift knob <3
Strut King dead pedal
Leather w/ red stitching shift boot
Licenses plate white 9 pod leds
Tinted tail lights
20% tint w/ strip
Retro fitted Headlights s2k projectors bionic shrouds
Retro fitted blazer foglights
color matched around foglights :)
JDM Honda badges
Yellow flake valve cover
Magnetic oil drain bolt
T1R oil cap (purple)
T1R radiator cap (silver)
T1R reservoir covers (yellow)
Yo Speed tow hook LOL im rice
Hood Spacers

Future Mods
Stage 2 Comptech supercharger rebuilt and ported out as well as the manifold done by stiegemeier :)
custom race header by go power and full 3 in back
Front lip overlay
RPF1 RC 18x8.5
Kics R40 lug nuts
Skunk2 72mm throttle body
Skunk2 Intake manifold

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2008 TW FG1

Suspension/Wheels and Brakes:
Si wheels
Skunk 2's on Si sus.

Front doors 30's everything else 20's
Tinted Tails
Blue lights under front dash and under Seats
Led License plate lights
Jdm Honda badges on S-Wheel
Passport 8500 X50 Blue
Garmin Nuvi 200

Future Mods:
non : ]

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2008 NHBP Coupe R18

tein s-tech lowering springs
spc front and rear camber
megan b-pillar bar

20 tint all around and 6" windshield strip
red map and dome lights
rota sdx 17" time attack wheels
red h center caps
red volk lugnuts
si grille
orange mugen resecoir covers
si gauges (sitting)
jdm steering wheel emblem

injen cai
greddy ti-c exhaust

pioneer avic d-3
alpine type-r front speakers
alpine type-r 10" sub
alpine m500 amp
escort 8500 radar detector

megan downpipe
retro headlights
carbon fiber hood
si interior and si spoiler
jdm badges
and lots lots more

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09 NHBP Si Coupe
Purchased: 4-20-09

Injen CAI (Ordered)
Helix TBS (Ordered)

Interior and Exterior:
20% Tinted Tails
Black Gauge Pod Built By JordanASM (Order Placed)
G2 Brake Caliper Paint Kit (Ordered)
Cleared Headlights
Disabled DRLs



To Much To List
Red H's


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'09 FA5 ASM

Engine Modifications:
-Injen CAI
-Strup Race Header
-Skunk2 MegaPower R 70mm Exhaust

Interior Modifications:
-Mugen Quick Shift
-Type R Shift Knob & Boot

In-Car Entertainment:

-Kenwood DDX714
-Sirius Satellite radio
-iPod video/audio cable to head unit

Exterior Modifications:

-Mugen Window Visor
-HFP Front & Rear Lip

**Currently do not have any pictures due to deployment, will update in Nov**
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