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Since you guys know I'm crazy about hid's and hybrids (putting 2 or 3 projector pieces together to make a good projector, example: fx w/tsx lenses)
You guys should NEVER buy from SYMAUTO.
As I was trying to make a hybrid for cheap, i went with some guy's idea on hidplanet with regards of ebay headlights that had projector lenses built into the unit. I wanted to use the lenses that came with the headlights and swap them with the fx/g35 projectors lenses because for the ones who don't know, fx/g35 lenses are foggy and if you swap some clear lenses, you will get more color and more intensity out of the projectors but...
Let me break it down for you guys:

So I went to buy those cheapo ebay lenses that work with the fx and I was eager to get them for Linuxglobal and myself.
The dude ended up sending me the WRONG items. He sent me a cheap $10 item instead of my $35 item. It is still cheap but come on. So, I emailed him to see if i can get the right items. He, then tells me to take pictures of the item with the stickers on the box that shows the company's name, shipping address and item numbers, boxes and items i got altogether. Then, they tell me to email those pictures to an email address he provided. Also, he tells me I will be responsable for shipping the items back to him and shipping to get the items from him back to me, too. I was furious but anyways I took pictures of everything as proof. A week went by and no response. I email the email-address he gave me and I still had no response. After that, I email him using ebay and he still ignored me. This was 3 weeks already.

I got pretty upset so I filed a complaint with paypal. He still ignored it for a week. And you know paypal only gives the seller and buyer 20 days to resolve this issue without escalating it to a claim. So, I escalated it to a claim and surprisingly he answers. He then tells me to ship the items back PRIORITY with tracking number and insurance or else he will give me nothing. Well, what the heck, i didn't send them priority but parcel. I sent the item back with a tracking number and insurance. He recieves the item and paypal refunds me my 35 bucks but i still took a loss on shipping(15 bucks).

A day goes by and i decide to check my email. This dicknose complaints to ebay that I NEVER PAID FOR THE ITEM. So, ebay gives me an Unpaid Strike against me and will take money away from my credit card to pay for this dickweed's fees to relist, shipping fees, etc. it would only give me one-day to respond so I'm glad this hoe i met a few weeks ago fought w/me because we were going to go to the beach that day. Plans ruined saved my ass. I responded to the strike telling them I did pay for the item but because I got the wrong item, i opened up a dispute with paypal. Then, the guy tells ebay that i in fact did pay for the items but paypal never cleared the money to them and that they took a loss on everything and that they never recieved the items back from me.
Then, I sent an email to ebay with all the information from paypal that a month ago I paid for the item, i emailed ebay the dispute and claim messages and the results of the claim which i won and got money back. Then, I emailed them the msgs where paypal clearly says SYMAUTO got the items from me back.
I got my unpaid notification strike removed. But this guy is still on business!!
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