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Are these cars still reliable on tunes?

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Just was wondering if these cars are reliable on a tune and some things done to them. I have a k20z3 and had Hybrid Racing CAI, plm headers-no cat, full race exhaust, on a professional e-tune and experienced some problems months later. Engine was at 144,500 miles and the head gasket went. Already seeing bad signs with the oil and coolant mixing and the amount of air that comes from the oil cap when the car is running. I decided to get another engine (used) and got one with 73k miles on it. My questions is, would it be dumb to add my CAI and look for another tuner? Could have it just been a tune? I did have a pop tune but never ran it for longer than 5 minutes lol. Driving around with it was absurd and never used it like that, just kinda got it to see how it sounded. Tuner did warn me about it beforehand and let me know it could do some damage. All of this happened to my engine when I put the car back to stock and unflashed it to pass inspection. Ran like that for 2 months before everything went wrong. I love this car and know when I get it back I won’t be content with the car unless I can tune it again… I did research before and did not see people have problems with them all tuned up like that.
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Long story short.
1. get a real dyno tune in your area
2. Etunes are ok but can’t account for a lot of factors like weather conditions in your area
3. Tuning basically changes your air fuel ratio so you can’t just strip Parts off and say your done without changing the tune
4. Pop tunes are bad for the motor in general yea you get pops and bangs but are creating issues for yourself later on
5. Since you got another motor why are you not building the block and head since it’s out the car??
6. Yes tunes can 100% effect everything again find a Hondata tuner in your area
Only reason I’m not building it is because it’s my only car and don’t have transportation right now. I wanna go that route but need to wait till I have a daily car and room/time to do all that. I’ve always gotten a tune when adding stuff so I’ve been through like 3 re-tunes and didn’t know it was problem.. I just know once I drive this car with this new engine, I’m gonna want it to be like how it was before. The plan was to sell it and wait till I can actually have time and room to do it the right way… just can’t do it to a car I daily…
Wait till you get another daily then or another car so the downtime does not effect you for sure
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