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Hello all
I installed my Apexi tt, i get power to the unit but when i shut my car off it just shuts off and doesn't stay running like its suppose to

Ignition----------- Apexi
White 12v-------- Red 12v
Blue Ignition----- Green Ignition
Orange ACC ---- Blue Ignition
Ground----------- Black Ground

This is how i wired my TT according to a diy i found on here. I re-checked all the wires and they all seem to be connected normally. The timer function is turned on and set to the default 30 seconds. I didn't use the ECU white and grey wires

EDIT: For future reference if anyone else runs into the same problem. The grey wire that connects to the TT box needs to be connected to the parking brake sensor. This is the sensor behind the parking brake with a green wire coming off of it. I tapped into this and the TT works great!
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