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Anyone with a 2006-2007 si/Non-si Sedan want to help out?

So, my car's dead and someone's trying to get me the manuals for the wiring. But of course, it's going to take time. However, I thank his effort.

But, if any of you fellow members want to help out(please?), then do the following:

Get access to the panel that is next to the dead pedal displaying 3 plugs, one purple, and two white-plugs.

1- remove the lower dash panel.
2- remove the door sill cover doing the following steps:
a-pop out the cover that says lock/unlock by your fuel cap/trunk handle:

b- Pull the door sill cover.

Then, pull the panel next to the dead pedal:

Then, you will see 3 plugs, 2 white and 1 purple/blue.
I need to know which the order of the upper two wires.
It's a 14-pin connector. The lower level has all 8slots occupied with different wires. But, to the corner of the connector, there are only two wires. I need to know which wire goes where.

This is a 5 mins job for someone who has taken apart his/her dash before. I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Edit: I'm talking about these:
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