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Hi guys, first time posting on this board.

I've been having repeat SRS light problems with my 06 civic. From what I've searched, SRS light problems are quite common, with some people even receiving a recall/update letter. I've never received one (Live in Canada).

I started having problems about a year ago. Leaving a bag on the seat, then starting the car, would cause the SRS light on the gauge cluster to come on. My dealership supposedly replaced the passenger seat back for an OPDS sensor failure. Now I don't leave a bag on the seat before starting the car.

It's been about a year now and with the cold temperature (winter here), my SRS light would come on after start up. It only happened below a certain temperature too... like anything below -10C. Nothing would be on the passenger seat. So I've brought it in, and now they are going to replace the OPDS unit again. I've noticed on my workorder/receipt, the codes it threw were different from the first time it was replaced. I was curious if any honda techs could define them for me:

CODE 96-16 Cleared DTCS 1.2 (first time I brought the car in a year ago)

CODE 18-16 (What it says on my paperwork now).

Much appreciated. Thanks!

(And this is only 1 issue with this car.... ugghhh...)
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