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My name is Marcus, I live near Memphis, TN...

I've been a honda lover since I was 16 and drove my sister's Integra SE 5-speed. I ended up buying that car from her. Untill recently, I havent owned anything but Honda's since then (about 8 years). I had a sweet `02 RSX-S (#011039) that I bought new in `01 and waited 2 weeks (seemed like forever) for. We were living in Paducah, KY and I was running a Yamaha-Suzuki shop. Well I needed a truck, no Ridgline at the time, so I got the Titan. I love it, but its a truck, not a car. My soon to be wife has an `04 Civic EX-SE Coupe 5-sp. Its been a great car and all, but we keep killing animals with it and keep having to have the front bumper re-painted. We're on the fence of paying another $350 to get it painted or trading the SOB in. We're never buying RED again...

My vote is to see if they offer a Civic Sedan SI or a Hybrid Sedan with IMA to boost horsepower up to the level of the SI. Kinda like how the Accord V6 Hybrid as the most horsepower of all the Accords. Only the future will tell. But I dont think we'll even consider the Civic if it doesnt have Leather, HID'S, Navi and Satellite radio. I will also be pissed if they do produce a hybrid like I stated above and dont put a sunroof in it. Just please make it an option at least...
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