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I have spent a lot of time, effort and money on my car, shipping overseas sucked, local garages sucked and people made fun of me, but I still tried my best to prove that I can be in this situation but still get the top of the line parts and put the best I can on my car.

Not going to talk anymore, here is some of the not so great photos that I have taken, sorry for the bad location, but that's what I got to show right now>>

~ UPDATE: By the sea little photoshoot ~

~Mod list~

Exterior Modifications:

1. Mugen front lip

2. Mugen sports grill

3. Mugen side skirts

4. Mugen rear lip

5. Mugen trunk spoiler

6. Mugen window visors

7. JDM fogs

8. 4300k HID

9. Debaged the back

10. Tint

11. License plate white leds

12. Grafix I <3 Haters (Member #4) decal

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades

1.Advan RZ 18x8/37+

2.Yokohama S-drive 18/40/225

3.HFP full suspension kit

4.Progress rear sway bar

5.Redshift sway bar brackets

6.SPC rear camber kit

7.SPC front camber adjustment bolts

~Camber settings: -1.5 front, -1.0 rear~

Interior Modifications:

1. Honda oem floor mats

2. Squash CS-X3

3. Strutking Pedals set

4. Grafix red steering wheel emblem


1. Kenwood DNX8120 Navi

2. Kenwood rear view camera

3. Pioneer speakers (x4)

4. Pioneer 12" 1000 Watt shallow sub woofer

5. Pioneer amp 760 watt

6. iPod touch installed :]

Thanks for looking :wavey:

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Adnan likes yo ride :thumb:

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Hellova job. Well done!
Thank you, sir, I appreciate it!

Adnan likes yo ride :thumb:
We shall start our Adnan Racing business sometime :giggle:

moche sezzy Addy.
I need to learn some french :giggle:

Lookin' good! :D
Thanks bro!

You know I love it Addy :thumb:
I appreciate it coming from an owner of a sexy ass ballin' GG with great photography skills that I lack :wavey:
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