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Hi all,
Got an interesting issue with my Honda Civic 2006 FD1 (8th gen R18A), 103k mi.

The car starts only every other time. Roughly 1 out of 3 attempts, but can vary. So for example driving around town today, this is how many attempts it took to start each time, with attempts meaning stopping cranking for a few seconds and then trying again:
Started on 2nd attempt
Started on 1st attempt
Started on 5th attempt
Started on 1st attempt
Started on 3rd attempt

More often it starts from first or second attempt than others.
So here are some pieces of the puzzle and what I have tried already:

1. When it's not starting - it will crank forever and not start (well, tried maybe 15 seconds at most), while usually, when it starts it takes ~2-5 cranks
2. Runs just a tad rough on idle, and very noticeably rough at around 1200rpm. Seems ok on high RPMs.
3. Have not noticed a pattern on cold/warm starts - seems to make no difference. Ambient temp is about the same here this time of year.
4. No codes on ECU.
5. Had a faulty EGR valve (stuck closed), probably for a while - maybe this caused some carbon build up somewhere?. Did not show any codes but noticed it because the EGR error value was often 99% on OBD2 tool.
6. Checked spark on all plugs, seems to be same power.
7. Changed plugs to new NGK Iridiums, same as stock model.
8. Tested fuel pump and the other FI relays - click and have continuity on power.
9. Green immobilizer key lights up and goes away quickly - does not seem to be the issue. Checked with second key.
10. Not sure if related, but have quite negative fuel trims: LTFT about -14, STFT also jumps between -5 to -15, no error codes yet. AFR seems ok, very close to the commanded AFR, except for when flooring suddenly.
10b. Tried shorting fuel pump pin - can always hear it engage. Tried starting with it shorted, ie always pumping - still same issue.
10c. Checked exhaust backpressure - was ok.
10d. Connected a light to one of the injectors and it was getting a signal from the ECU to inject.
10e. Changed air filter - was quite sooty underneath but seemed to make no difference.

So I've taken it to Honda dealer here for diagnostics. They've had two technicians look at it, did a lot of part swapping because they had a spare trade in car around and couldn't really figure it out.
They did not notice the faulty EGR, but I did not notice any change to the starting issue after changing it to a working one.
Here is what they tried:
11. Replaced fuel filter
12. Swapped out fuel pump
13. Swapped out fuel pressure regulator
14. Swapped out crank sensor
15. Swapped over complete fuel injectors assembly
16. Swapped over ECU
17. Did intake manifold and throttle body clean
18. Measured fuel pressure, didn't give the numbers but said it was OK.

I've also looked at the MAF, MAP, O2 sensors - the values seemed ok when driving. I have a friend who knows his cars and he said it's nothing that should stop the car from starting
Tried disconnecting the sensors too - get the engine light but issue does not go away.
I could not seem to flood the spark plugs - when I take it out they seem dry, but when trying to start without one of the spark plugs I can smell fuel coming out of the spark plug hole.
One of the mechanics tried spraying "Start-ya-bastard" into the intake but it did not seem to make a difference. I didn't try myself as was a bit worried about setting the car on fire.

Some more background:
Car was always starting very quick, then I noticed it starting to take longer over maybe a period of half a year. And then the above issue started happening.

Will be trying to check timing tomorrow, but anything else I can test? The behavior is so specific that I am sure one of you has seen something like this before!
Any hints welcome.

2007 FA5 Habanero Red Pearl Kraftwerks 110mm kit.
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Any news? I have similar if not exact issue. Car runs rich at idle and won't start unless I bump start. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and the car fired right up. I drove around for 15 min, filled up the tank and drove home. Now it won't start even with bump starts. The fuel pump primes and a cylinder fires off occasionally but no start. When I get it started, it runs great. I have Kraftwerks kit that ran perfect for 20K miles. I am about to replace the entire fuel pump module with the Deatschwerks kit. It has external regulator and filter with semi return setup. Thanks

2007 FA5 Habanero Red Pearl Kraftwerks 110mm kit.
26 Posts
I replaced the FPR and the car started. I drove it around for a bit on a safe tune, filled up the tank and drove home. Uploaded better tune revision and hasn't started since. I think the large fuel pump Deutchweks 300 is popping the diaphragms on regulators. Either that or the regulator failed. Problem seems identical so I am about to order the fuel return kit with pump from Deatchwerks with external regulator. I can at least write off the fueling as an issue. Anyone else have any news about the runs rich at idle and low rpm with hard start and eventually no start?
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