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All Season Tire Recommendations (Mainly Continental DWS06 Plus vs Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4)

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I was wondering what wheel and tire setups people were running, and if anyone has any experience with running either sets of these? From their spec sheets they look similar, so I was wondering if anyone had some input on how they feel on the road. I don't need the best winter performance, I live in the northeastern US but I have access to better equipped snow vehicles, I just want a tire that is grippy enough in summer that I can run all year without worrying about cracking. Not doing autox or anything, just like the feel of carving through some canyons in my free time.

Biggest points would be with driving feel/feedback? I want a tire that will respond well even if it might not grip to the 99th percentile as well as its competition. I'm also open to other tire recommendations. Thanks!
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I use the continentals for my summer/track days because they are more a summer tire, not too grippy in the winter over here in Ohio thats for sure, I just switch on viking contact 7's for winter
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