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It's that time of the year again for the official All Florida State meet.
This is the 3rd annual all state meet and let's make it better then last year.
So, fill up the gas tanks, request off from work, and slap on those mods because it's right around the corner.
All the details for the meet can be found below.
If you have any questions feel free to PM myself, maiku, or 07rredsi.

Link to donate/ maps / info:

3rd Annual Florida Statewide Meet!

When: March 14-15, 2009
Where: Turkey Lake Park, Orlando, FL. Pavilion #4

General Info:

- The 14th will be a free day to run around with the 8th civic people and hit up some theme parks, settle into the hotel, etc.
That night expect there to be parties!
Go to universalorlando.com and purchase advance tickets for FL citizens for a discounted rate of $65 for BOTH parks.
It's more at the gate

- The 15th is the MAIN event day at the park. It will be held 10am-4:30pm.

- Food will be on location. But please don't freeload. Please donate!

- We ask for donations to cover food and pavilion costs. We expect this meet to cost around around $300+ with food.
This stuff isn't cheap so please donate so we can continue to plan future meets! This is all non-profit.
Any excess will be used for the next meet. (although I doubt there will ever be excess)
If possible, please donate before coming to the meet as the pavilion fee's are due 2 weeks prior to the event.
($10 is a reasonable donation)

- The park has an admission fee of $2 if it's driver only, and $4 if there are more people in the car other than the driver.


Lake Park (Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake)
3401 Hiawassee Road, Orlando 32835
(407) 299-5581, (407) 299-5594

FPR - Location Details

*By attending this meet you agree to the following rules*

1.) No littering. All trash needs to be thrown in the trash-can.
2.) No showboating (no peelouts, engine revving, wreckless driving/behavior)
3.) No balloons. awww. :(
4.) No Hookahs or other smoking stuff. It's prohibited in the park.
5.) Be responsible, respectful and mature. We don't want to get kicked out
6.)No alcohol or illegal substances permitted in the park.

--These are the staple rules. Other park rules apply.--



**Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa**
10,000 Turkey Lake Road,Orlando, FL 32819
(888) 808-7410

^ This is where myself and 8 others are staying. If anyone is interested, I got a Two Bedroom Suite and have room for four more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If u want a seperate room, it is $79 a night on Cheaptickets.com. If anyone is planning on staying here with us, let me know!

* Comfort Suites Orlando Hotel *
9350 Turkey Lake Road • Orlando, Florida 32819
Phone: (407) 351-5050 • Fax: (407) 363-7953
Toll Free: 800-277-8483

Cheaper but not as nice as the Hyatt. About $90 a night. Closer to the park (1 mile or so).
Further from I-drive stuff than Hyatt. Either are close though.


Convoy Information Below:

If you are starting any type of convoy and would like it listed below please PM me with a link to the thread you started*



Drive up from the South on March 15th:




We would like to thank those who have help plan this meet and to those sponsors who have donated both there time and give-a-ways to make this event bigger and better!

-Excelerate Performance - Josh

-WeSellCarParts - Dan




- Contraption Tees

Florida Honda Crew - Powered by vBulletin

Florida Honda Crew

-8thcivic.com - Webby
-8thcivic member -Maiku
-8thcivic member -07RREDSI

Who would like to bring these? COOLERS(5 or 6), ICE , FORKS, CUPS
1) 08WhiteCivic- PLATES
2) Atlboi- 2 coolers/ice
3) no_torque- 1 big cooler
4) 06si- Cups
Here is the list so far. Being updated Everyday.

01. 08WhiteCivic FG1 TW
02. 07Rredsi hmm ?
03. maiku FG2 TW
04. Atlboi404 FA5 FIJI Mugen
05. Whocares05050 FG2 NHBP
06. Gray07si FG2 GG
07. 1sloPR5 FG2 FIJI
08. Agnt004 FG2 RR
09. 02civicsi FA5 TW/CF
10. ortivt6 FA5 FIJI
11. gzmo FG2 GG
12. BlueSi4
13. civicsifg2
14. dotkristian FA5 NHBP
15. SOLO8thGenSi FA5 RR
16. EvilSardine FA5 ASM
17. rp215 FA5 TW
18. BioHazard FA5 HABI
19. saiyanSI FA5 GG
20. Hardyj1990 FA5 NHBP Mugen
21. fa5 4lyfe FA5 TW Boosted
22. infiniti_4_life FG2 FIJI
23. Chrisavick FG2 FIJI
24. Supermpr1 Element SC NHBP
25. MugenMan FA5 FIJI Mugen
26. enojy FG2 RR
27. RTA Supra FA5 ASM
28. Firestrife FG2 NBP
29. Vipertag313 Unknown
30. heybluguy FG1 TW
31. jashton FG2 TW Boosted
32. liljkillah FG2 TW
33. splew FG1 NHBP
34. chinopimp32 FA5 GG
35. platinumcivic08 FG2 GG
36. guitaristsbane FG2 NHBP
37. Steveocivcisi FG2 NHBP
38. vtecsir85 FA5 TW
39. rayray110589 FG2 ASM
40. sikusev08 FA5 NHB
41. HondaCivicSi23 FG2 NHBP
42. joey.walla FG2 NHBP
43. jfondren3 FA5 HABI
44. dave218809 FA5 NHBP
45. willyo224 FG1 NHBP
47. Jrotax101 Unknown
48. fbpfg2 FG2 FIJI
49. jpcj420 FG2 ASM
50. Arcwelder FG2 NHBP
51. j's silver si FA5 ASM
52. roysi FG2 NHBP
53. tenjjb FG2 NHBP
54. WhiteONriCe FA5 TW
55. Revtress FA5 MUGEN
56. jsnymeyer FG2 NBBP
57. Nhbpfa5 FA5 NHBP
58. angelsi06 FA5 MUGEN
59. midnitesi FA5 MUGEN
60. rai25 FA4 GG
61. FLY FG2 RR
62. Franklingc FA4 GG
63. CandyMAn FG2 NHBP
64. Nick FA5 MUGEN
65. rkrudo539 FA5 ASM
66. 06si FG2 GG
67. Fiji Blue FG2 FG2 FIJI
68. DeltaFoxtrotEcho FG2 FIJI
69. no_torque FG2 TW
70. nickk20fg FG1 ASM
71. squidmaster WRX STI
72. danny FG1 ABM
73. MangoPickles FA5 MUGEN
74. alastair thomas

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Thank you for taking the initiative and posting details of the location, even if it is the same no hookahs allowed park...

There was plenty of room to park though which is nice.

I donated my $10.99 :thumb:

We gonna ride some trails with my brother Maiku? I heard you enjoyed Markham when you were down here.

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in. as if it even needed to be said. :iorun:

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Thank you for taking the initiative and posting details of the location, even if it is the same no hookahs allowed park...

There was plenty of room to park though which is nice.

I donated my $10.99 :thumb:

We gonna ride some trails with my brother Maiku? I heard you enjoyed Markham when you were down here.
I don't think they have real mtn bike trails at this park tho. :(
I always enjoy Markham! I went there a couple times many years ago. It changed a lot.
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