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Just got bored so decided to do a write up about our AJR Fit No.2 :eek:

Some of your guys might know that I have sent our AJR Fit to J's Racing for parts development. The AJR Fit left Vancouver (AJR Home base) Oct 2006.

When it arrived to J's Racing (Osaka Japan) it has been sitting there "chilling" with other J's Racing Demo cars

Hanging around with the REAL JDM Family :D

After a couple weeks of sitting. J's Racing finally got some time to look at the car. They finally realize the car looked different than the JDM Fit LOL They have tested and pre-fit all the aero parts.

I have suggested to J's Racing to build a front aero spoiler and Sport grille based on the existing style that J's Racing is selling for the JDM Fit then they have started to work on it.

Process of making the Aero lip for USDM Fit.

Q: How come the Fit has an Orange bumper :confused:
A: It is off from the AJR Time attack Fit :LOL:

The Grille finally fitted on as well. Now after all the pieces have been fitted and these parts are sent to the FRP factory for building the mold.

Suspension was the next part that has been worked on :)

- J's Racing Lower tie bar fitted and installed

- J's Racing Fender braces fitted and installed

J's Racing measured the differences between USDM and JDM suspension.

J's Racing Showa dampers fitted and installed. J's Racing made adjustment in the valving and fitment. Front swaybar end-links were replaced for J's Racing damper fitment.

The rear worked out fine.

J's Racing rotor and brake pads fitted and installed.

The J's Racing strut bars, we all knew they worked. With the install of the C-pillar bar and rear strut bar, J's Racing added on 2 addtional pieces to reinforce the back end of the chassis.

Let's move on to the I/H/E (Intake / Header / Exhaust)

The 50RS and the header fitted on with no problems but the muffler was a little too short because the USDM has a longer bumper. J's Racing is still deciding to see if they will extend the muffler for USDM Fit rear bumper.

- J's Racing muffler fitted and installed.

- J's Racing header fitted and installed.

One of the hardest part was the intake. The Tsuchinoko (sausage) portion fitted with no problems but the sensor hole and cold air portion's fitment were way off so J's Racing made adjustment for USDM Fitment.

They finally got that done but it took them almost 3 months to do.... YES WTF :confused: :LOL: :banghead:

The car is done and it is on it's way back home FINALLY !!!

The Fit is still insured so I can drive it home as soon as it hits the port :)



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Fit looks sweet, but i think that i'd have chosen a different wing. something similar to the EG/EK civic hatch's rear spoilers...Not a fan of the boeing 747 look...
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