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Hi all,

I just bought a 2010 Honda Civic 4 door DX-G Auto a few days ago with 29000kms and am totally loving the car, after coming from a 1998 Maxima that I recently got rid of.

My Civic comes with the factory stereo, and only an AUX port - have a few questions that I hope some members can help me with.

1. Is there a way to play music off a USB drive using the AUX port, if not then what is the cost/labor/parts involved to install a USB port - while keeping the factory music system intact?

2. I just bought a TOMTOM nav - can anyone share pictures of how you've installed your navs on the dash? I dont want to mount it to the wndscreen - but would rather prefer to have it mounted in the dash...any suggestions on where on the dash it would be best and what adhesive to use to make sure it sticks to the dash properly?

3. The car is riding on factory Dunlops which are okay tread wise but quite noisy. Is this normal and if not then what are the best tyres for all season driving keeping the factory rims installed?

4. Thanks in advance for helping out - hope to meet you all and make new friends during the meets!
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