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Advan Gold RCII's

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Advan Gold RCII's (now with pics!)

I just bought a set of Advan RCII's (18x8.5 +31 offset) for my 2007 DXG Coupe, on Pirelli PZero Nero's (Not too sure about the size). I'm currently on stock suspension, and had the Advan's mounted today.

They're absolutely beautiful (will post pictures later), but the problem is.. there's less than 2 inches clearance from the car to the tires, and it does indeed (slightly) rub if making complete right/left turns quickly. Taking the car on the highway, there's a noticeable vibration from the steering wheel (something that never happened on my old 15" steelies). As well, it seems like the car can barely hit 100 without feeling unsafe (hard to control) on the highway.

What can I do to fix this, and is this a huge problem?

Edit: Pics as promised! :)

More to come!
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i'm not too fond of those. maybe if they were larger rims on a car like a 350z. but not on our small si's.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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