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We all hate tire punctures. We all hate having to take time out to get these little inconveniences fixed. It's nice when you actually get some great service to brighten an otherwise annoying errand.

This weekend I went to have a slow leak checked and repaired. It wasn't urgent, just holding at 29psi but not holding my desired pressure (35 cold in the rear).

I've been dealing with a local tire shop for years for this kind of service and they shined once again today (All Weather Tires, Huntington). If I didn't have Z1 to discount all my parts purchases, I'd certainly use these people for tires!

I rolled in and the techs all took note of the car. They admired the forged RAYS wheels and big brakes. All in all, we discovered 2 nails in the tire. The tech told me a patch would be the best solution and took me through the process of the repair.

He skillyfully removed the stretched 225/40/18 tire from it's wide 8.5 inch wheel without leaving a mark. He proceeded to show me how they clean the affected area and patch each puncture. The tire was re-mounted with the same care and balance was checked for good measure. After re-mounting the wheel to the car, the tech checked each tire for my desired pressure and thoroughly cleaned the wheel he worked on.

In the end, he charged me for one patch ($12.00). He walked away with a $10.00 tip :)

If it wasn't for his admiration of the SI, I don't think I'd have gotten the same service so +1 for Honda's ingenious little ride!
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