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Ive been going to this junk yard this past few weeks and noticed a 8th gen white civic with the exact color interior as my own but the seats had cup holders and split, they were also in good condition with no scratches or rips.

The yard offered the back rest for $30(CAD) and the latching system for one side for $10(CAD)

I looked at my civics interior and noticed I don't have the latch on the passenger side obviously but I have the same holes and shapes for the latch from the trunks perspective and the plastic molding where the hook would go from the passenger side backrest to the latch is already lined out ready for cutting from the factory it seems.

I'm not to sure if the bolts for the latch assembly are on mine or not.

I did a Google search and found two topics about adding split backrest to their LX, but they never got anywhere, hoping to see if the community can give some insight to this.

Or even direct me to some manual or instructions on how to install and access the latch assembly for the passenger side, it seems the latch sits in an enclosed area from looking from the trunk area in my car and the junkyards car and doesn't look like it will come back from the hole in the trunk area

Thanks for any help

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Anyone wondering I was able to add the split rear backrest, their was a premolded cutout for the hook to get to the latch I cut out please excuse the cruddy workmanship LOL The hole isn't seen when it's latched so I don't really care but it could have been cut out more nicely...

the peice that has the seatbelt holes through them, and latch holes can be popped out for more working room their not bolted in so feel free to give them a good tug for more working room when installing the latch. The latch comes out from the interior side, you won't be able to remove it from the trunk side, pop the pink peice out so it's easier to remove and install.

The amazing thing was that all the holes were already cut out from the factory, even where the latch goes inside, and the holes to mount the lever to release the latch, except the hole for the latch for the rear passenger backrest of course.

The latch assembly has the hole where the screws go but it does not have threaded holes, what I did was find a nut that went over the bolt and used a small wrench to hold it and tighten it from the other side, the best way is to put the bolt in from the inside and the nut from the outside.

One issue I came across was this peice which is from the scrap car I took the parts from that the backrest came from

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This peice is welded to the body, and its purpose is to hold both backrest securely when unlatched from the center, it doesn't exist on trims that have a " fixed " backrest because it would interfere with the fixated form of the backrest.

The peice is welded in a rounded way I forgot the term, but you can use a chisel to remove it which is what I did.

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This is the finished product, without the welded part on which I will get my buddy to weld on in afew weeks, it's very secure even without the welded peice when it's latched but I'd suggest getting it anyway just so it falls down smoothly, I'm honestly not sure it effects safety much as the bolts on the side are holding it and so is the latch, the seatbelts are not part of this part so they aren't effected either but I may be wrong.

Either way I'd suggest getting this peice welded on anyway, if you plan on doing this I suggest the cheapest way would be a junkyard, especially that welded peice you probably won't find online.

Good luck!


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