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ACT Honda Civic Si 06+ Flywheel #600295

Streetlite Flywheel

Price: $274.95

ACT Honda Civic Si 06-09 6-Puck Sprung Clutch & Sport Pressure Plate AR1-SPG6

Price: $474.95

ACT 6 Puck Clutch Kit with Xtreme Pressure Plate Civic Si 06-09

ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates deliver the maximum holding power available! For high horsepower streetcars that wants to maintain smooth engagement and obtain high torque capacity. Also produce the ultimate in torque capacity, durability and quick shifting. What makes these units so unique? The radical increase in clamp load developed from a single specially designed diaphragm.

ACT employs several secrets (just good engineering) to maximize load and reduce flex. The result is maximum torque capacity and long life, while maintaining good release clearance for fast, clean

Price: $499.95

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