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***Mod List***


Mobil 1 5w-20 Synthetic Oil
Redline Synthetic ATF
Megan Downpipe
Greddy Ti-C

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades:
17" HFP Wheels
Hankook Ventus V12 Evos 225/45/17
HFP Suspension Kit
SPC Front Camber Bolts
SPC Rear Camber Arms
Progress Rear Sway Bar
BE-RS V-type Front Strut Bar
Megan Racing Lower Rear Tie Bar

Exterior Modifications:
35% Tint
Debadged "Civic"
RBP Si Grill
Mugen Style Window Visors
HFP Front & Rear Lip Kit
Luminics JDM Yellow 9005
License Plate LEDs
6000K HID Low Beams
3000K HID Yellow Fogs
Relocated Front Plate

Front/Rear 6.5" Polk MMC650 Speakers
Crunch PZ100.4 Amp

Other Modifications:
AutoMax Front License Frame
8thCivic.com Rear License Frame
Mini Victor Shuttlecock Rear View Mirror Accessory


More Photos Here:

2/14/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/intr...amateur-spur-moment-photoshoot-8gen-7gen.html
4/16/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/introduction-pictures/90530-went-out-camera-today-pics-inside.html
5/3/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/introduction-pictures/93507-washed-installed-ti-c-pics-inside.html
5/16/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/introduction-pictures/96044-celebrated-one-year-my-car.html
6/13/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/intr...hgenaccord-7thgencelica-8thgencivic-pics.html
7/13/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/intr...-time-my-camera-cars-fixies-hdr-included.html
10/03/08 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/california-north/121157-sjsu-photoshoot-10-3-a.html
8/23/09 - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/intr...took-advantage-cash-clunkers-pics-inside.html


5/16/07 - Stock

7/17/07 - HFP Suspension, HFP 17" Wheels, General Exclaim UHP Tires

8/16/07 - 35% Tint

8/22/07 - Lamin-X Smoked Tail Lights

9/4/07 - Polk MMC650 Front/Rear Speakers + Crunch PZ100.4 Amp

9/7/07 - Yospeed License Frame, Debadged "Civic"

9/17/07 - Progress Rear Sway Bar, SPC Rear Camber Kit

*No Picture!*

12/20/07 - Megan Racing Lower Rear Tie Bar, BE-RS V-type Strut Bar, Injen CAI, RBP Si Grill

12/20/07 - Read Ended (5 hours after installing above parts mind you)

12/29/07 - Hit and Run Parked outside my house


1/30/08 - Repair Progress

2/6/08 - Got my car back!

2/13/08 - Mugen Style Window Visors

2/19/08 - SPC Front Camber Bolts

*No Picture!*

2/29/08 - HFP Front & Rear Lip Kit

5/2/08 - Greddy Ti-C, Megan Downpipe (Videos on page 5)

5/16/08 - One Year Anniversary!

5/16/07 to 5/16/08

5/24/08 - Prostreet Dyno Day - A/T, Greddy Ti-C, Megan Downpipe, Injen CAI

6/25/08 - Removed Lamin-x Smoked Film and Injen CAI due to ticket

7/29/08 - Luminics JDM Yellow 9005, License Plate LEDs

8/5/08 - Sylvania Silverstar Ultras 9006

2/8/11 - Relocated Front Plate

3/1/11 - 6000K HID Low Beam

3/8/11 - 225/45/17 Hankook Ventus V12 Evos

*No Pic!*

7/30/11 - 3K HID Yellow Fogs & Reinstalled Greddy Ti-C


2,426 Posts
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Hi guys! Look what I did today!

This is my 06 LX. Stock.

These are the parts that were sitting in my garage! HFP 17" Wheels, General Exclaim 225/45/17 Tires, and HFP Suspension Kit!

Lets go get them installed! (Yea, no DIY for me. Sorry guys.)

Before install...

After install!

Side Shot (old wheels/tires/suspension was sitting the back, so the rear is a bit lower than supposed i think)

Front Wheel (Before, After, After 2 weeks)

Rear Wheel (Before, After, After 2 weeks)

Cost for 4 tire mounting and balancing ($32) + Shocks and Springs install ($50). Discounted price from family friend, sweet eh? They also did an alignment, but he didnt include it in the quote because he wants me to come back next week after the suspension has settled in a bit to realign.


I can feel the ride stiffened up a bit. I like!

Next on my list...35% all around.

edit 7/30 - I updated the front and rear wheel shots after two weeks to let the suspension settle in and get them aligned. I thought they looked lower, but after looking at the pictures, they look the same. =(?

edit 8/17 - Finally got 35% tint on front, rear, and back windows!

And waiting to install SPC Rear Camber Kit, Progress Rear Sway bar, and Polk MMC650's with Crunch PZ100.4 Amp...

edit 8/23 - Lamin-x smoked tail lights!






edit 9/4 -

My speakers and amp finally got installed.

edit 9/8 -

Yospeed license frame, and debadged the "Civic"!
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