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AC blowing hot air

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The AC isn't working in my car. When I turn it on full blast and activate the AC it still blows hot air. The compressor seems to work (when I turn on the AC the rpm needle moves up).

I thought the system was low on refrigerator coolant so I got a can of coolant. The can was defective and kept telling me it had no coolant in it. I got a new can and it said the system was overcharged (around 700 psi). That is bad news.

Besides the compressor or coolant is there anything else that could be causing it to blow cold air?

my situation is just like this guys. Everything from the sounds to everything else. Also the compressor sounds like it's always running non-stop.

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Check the thermal switch and connector plug. I replaced a compress and thermal switch because the connector on the alt was plugged in but not staying on. Wasted about 200$ when a zip tie fixed my issue!
The clutch isn't spinning on mine so would it be best to just replace entire unit vs just the clutch itself?
Make sure it's not the wire harness that plugs into thermal switch. Mine is plugged in but won't turn on unless I wiggle the wire. So I fixed it with a zip tie lol.

If your going to buy a compressor, buy a used oem one here. They are a honda acura only junk yard! They also have a ebay store.

East Park Auto Recyclers

Good luck.
Is there a reason why you suggested used over a new one?
I am saying them because it's used oem. Not autozone replacement junk.
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