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AC blowing hot air

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The AC isn't working in my car. When I turn it on full blast and activate the AC it still blows hot air. The compressor seems to work (when I turn on the AC the rpm needle moves up).

I thought the system was low on refrigerator coolant so I got a can of coolant. The can was defective and kept telling me it had no coolant in it. I got a new can and it said the system was overcharged (around 700 psi). That is bad news.

Besides the compressor or coolant is there anything else that could be causing it to blow cold air?

my situation is just like this guys. Everything from the sounds to everything else. Also the compressor sounds like it's always running non-stop.

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i had the same problem, AC was blowing warm-hot and i got tired of it so me and my dad looked at it. Came to the conclusion that none of my relays for either the ac or the compressor idk which it was but we got the new relay in and wala, everything was working but ummm still no cold air. turned out my pressure was in the red section of malfunction or broken parts. well my dad let out all the coolant and pressure and then we refilled it till it said there was enough coolant inside the A/C system and it started blowing colder air!
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