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A Wolf from Ontario *Now With Car Pictures*

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the Honda Civic Car and Honda Brand in cars. I have had a few Honda motorcycles.

This is also my first manual transmission.
I got interested in this after taking a lesson in stick shift and my friend piquing my interest.

I choose an older Honda Civic because i hear they are reliable, last a long time and this one was a great deal for the year. If i don't like stick, then i don't lose out much.

I own an automatic car, 2017 sonata hybrid. Which means i am used to the "easy driving style", but i have found my Motorcycle experience has somewhat translated over to driving stick shift. Though i still have a bunch to learn and get better at.

I am slowly modifying, if you can call it that, my car, mostly minor cosmetic type things as i am new to this and don't want to destroy my car.

I will be recording my minor changes to the car and my driving as i learn on a youtube channel.


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