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Hello, this is for everyone who has the oem factory navigation on their car, and is experiencing the pc card navigation freeze. I've recently experiemented using the sandisk 6-in-1 pc card adapter, and I've found out that it freezes, but people on the forum all said their having no problems, BECAUSE they're using compact flashes.

I took my risk and just got a compact flash adapter and my compact flash, i've been using it ever since, works like a charm, the regular sandisk memory card sticks kept freezing on me I got so angry! :chill: Well I hope everyone else that has the freezing problem, isn't using a compact flash.

Try it yourself and get a compact flash ><


*edit* ahh crap I spelled solution wrong lmao! It kills to have fat fingers =[

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I've been reading through the past Honda Service News Bulletins, and for September 2005, I noticed an article regarding "Why a PC Card Won't Play".

  • The PC card might not be fully inserted in the card player slot. Eject it, and careful reinsert it.

  • The memory card might have audio files that the unit doesn't recognize. Only recognizes files in MP3 and WMA formats.

  • Audio unit might not accept the memory card type. At this time, only ATA, CompactFlash, and SD cards have been tested and are known to work.

  • CompactFlash and SD memory cards need a PC card adapter to work with the unit. There are lots of PC card adapters on the market, but not every memory card will work with every adapter. The card adapter used might be keeping a known-good flash memory card from playing. Many of these card adapters haven't been tested.

  • The memory card's storage capacity might be more than 1GB. Only cards with storage capacities UP to 1GB have been tested.

  • The memory card might be blank. If the card has write protection make sure it is TURNED OFF before loading files onto the card.

  • The memory card might have bad sectors or other formatting errors. The card may need reformatting. Use ONLY the FAT or FAT32 format. NEVER use the NTFS format, as the unit won't take it.

  • The memory card might have gotten fried by heat. Remind your customer to eject the card from the unit when leaving teh vehicle and taking it along.

  • A hard disc drive (HDD) card is being used. These cards don't always work with the unit and, inside a hot car, can overheat and shut down. Not recommended.

  • The memory card's filing strcutre might exceed the allowed specs. The system is designe dto work with memory c ards with no more than EIGHT folder levels, 99 folders, and 999 total tracks. If any one of these limits are exceeded, the unit may not display the tune info or play the tunes on the card.
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