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A new version of our JDM Steering Wheel Emblems?

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V3 of the ORIGINAL Replica JDM Steering Wheel Emblems!

We've seen many different companies copy our design of this replica emblem, however everyone does just that... copy our original design.

We're aware of all the V1 & V2 issues from not adhering properly (having to use silicon for a perfect install), not a perfect color match to the real emblems, etc. We've decided to fix all of those issues and make a nearly PERFECT replica emblem. This emblem still sticks over the OEM emblem, but covers the entire emblem instead of sitting inside the chrome ring.

We are going to have them color matched exactly to the real PANTONE color of the JDM emblem, so the emblem will be as authentic as possible.

I snapped a quick picture of our prototype (note: the color is not matched and the chrome ring is too thin), i'll be posting up new updates in the coming weeks. Anyway, these new versions will be amazing -- so just hold tight, ok! :dancing:


Here's a prototype installed:

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will you have one in this color if o how much..


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oh thank god. ive been need a replacement since mine would never stay on
will you have one in this color if o how much..

thats the only thing i dont like about my V1 is the gap at the top.
peole complaining they come off ened to invest in gorilla glue haha
im in for one tho
im in for one but im happy with my corsport one now it doesnt come off or anything and it looks fine to me, SO HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?
Perfect timing. I'll buy one as soon as they come out.
Haven't even put my corsport one on yet... but now knowing that GRXFP (BR) makes em/making a new one, I think I'll be throwing corsport's in the biggest, dirtiest trash heap I can find...
Already got one from corsport but I'm always in for a new and improved emblem.
i should sell my corsport spare sticker then pretty quick
Is the installation the same with this? Is it the same material?
Installation should be the same, wipe down area with rubbing alcohol and apply right?
yup... gonna replace my old one when this comes out.
how much? :deadhorse:
Im guessing somewhere between $15-18 like the old ones price will be more if you want custom like carbon fiber and oil slick least that's how they have been doing things
41 - 60 of 464 Posts
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