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A new version of our JDM Steering Wheel Emblems?

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V3 of the ORIGINAL Replica JDM Steering Wheel Emblems!

We've seen many different companies copy our design of this replica emblem, however everyone does just that... copy our original design.

We're aware of all the V1 & V2 issues from not adhering properly (having to use silicon for a perfect install), not a perfect color match to the real emblems, etc. We've decided to fix all of those issues and make a nearly PERFECT replica emblem. This emblem still sticks over the OEM emblem, but covers the entire emblem instead of sitting inside the chrome ring.

We are going to have them color matched exactly to the real PANTONE color of the JDM emblem, so the emblem will be as authentic as possible.

I snapped a quick picture of our prototype (note: the color is not matched and the chrome ring is too thin), i'll be posting up new updates in the coming weeks. Anyway, these new versions will be amazing -- so just hold tight, ok! :dancing:


Here's a prototype installed:

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Damn....makes we wish I wasn't bustin my butt to get a JDM airbag
Aw, I just got my V2 awhile ago, and ya, it *is* pretty hard to keep down cleanly. I used double sided 3M since I didn't want to make a mess with the silicone.

Ah well, I'll switch to these if I get tired of keeping my V2 looking decent.

Good to hear they're going "legit" now and listed with the rest of the products.
think i'll get one of these new ones. any recommendation to remove old silicone? i'm having a hard time getting the stuff off....
Perfect timing!!!
Was looking to get one soon along with the actual JDM emblems :dancing:
I've got the V1 and it's still good to this day.

Am I expecting a bigger difference?
Count me in. Ill buy one as soon as they come out.
i just got the corsport one.. i might have to change it ;)

Would you recommend removed the stock one or still this just goes over top?
^ you absolutely will NOT have to remove the stock emblem, this will fit over it perfectly.
lol, you guys crack me up. please keep in mind, these prob won't be available for another month or so... but keep the interest coming! I'm working on a lot of things at once...
im sick of my corsport one lifting up. i want one NOW!!!!
21 - 40 of 464 Posts
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