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A better look into the Hytech Cam tower mod

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people can debate on why this is a waste of money and why its a great investment. one thing people seem to get confused on is why they would need it in the first place.

on a stock motor with mild cams and VT you will probably not benefit from this mod as people have proven with high mileage mild cammed cars. i took apart my friends built K24 with roughly 40k on the motor after it had a piston skirt break off and I noticed this on his 5th cam tower

the car had a supertech VT with DC4 billet cams. the intake cam was slightly scraped up so i was able to polish it off and save the cam but the tower is trash.

now don't think you can just run over to honda and buy a new tower, you will have to buy the entire cylinder head to get them. lucky for my friend i have extra sets of towers on hand. we decided to make the investment and have the tower modified by john @ hytech exhaust.

you can see how a groove is milled into the tower and drilled to have oil pumped through the -4 an fitting

lastly as part of the modification your rocker shafts must be plugged to prevent vtec rocker to be engaged at all times.

Hytech will supply you with a T union to use your OEM oil pressure sender and attach the oil feed line to the 5th tower. i decided to ditch the T and drill and tap the block instead. i did not want to re tap the sender hole to a 1/8 NPT

hopefully this clears up peoples questions and confusions on the mod.
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thanks man, im all performance when it comes with my ride. i can care less of how stanced it is. lol
So, im gonna do this on my daily now. Lol But really, this is a smart idea. Personally i can only see benefits with this. Who ever said more lubrication is a problem?
bumping from the dead I've looked around and cant seem to find where to get this at don't need this right now but in the near future id sure like to get it for added assurance.

Thanks in advance,
You wanna get in touch with John at HyTech (949) 581-2181. Give him a call or email him [email protected].

I have his twin loop exhaust and his products are top notch.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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