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Hey guys new to the forum and new to 8the gens. I want to put up my experience installing a 9th gen 6 speed into my 2006 SI. I hadn't found much info on this before completing the job (maybe I didnt search hard enough).

The 9th gen transmission bolted right up to the engine block with no troubles. The VSS and Reverse light and Slave cylinder bolted up without issues. These are the problems I ran into.

-the 9th gen si trans has different mounting holes to bolt the shift linkage to the transmission. None of the holes line up. I had to build a bracket to properly attach the 8th gen shift linkage. I think if you bought the shift linkage bracket off a 9the gen it would receive the 8the gen shifter cables and you wouldnt have any issues but I cant confirm this.

-the front engine mount attaches partially to the transmission and partially to the engine than to the subframe. The 9th gen trans had holes for these mounts casted in but had no threads. It was difficult to tap these holes with the transmission installed due to little room to work. I would recommend tapping these before install the transmission.

-My Speedometer is now 10kph too fast. It shows 80 when I am going 70. If there is any fix for this please let me know!

-the gearing is longer and you can notice the difference but by no means is it that much of a change. Didnt bother me at all.

I am running a 10lb chromoly flywheel and oem clutch. It grabs great and I have it is not difficult to use and does not chatter as I had read on the reviews. I have lost a noticeable amount of torque below 3500rpm (according to butt dyno).
Overall I like the lightweight flywheel it feels wicked in the higher rpm.

Hope this can help someone looking forward to being a part of this forum, thanks.
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