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$4400 worth of donated toys this year

We had a great year donating to Toys For Tots in 2006, and we'd like to make 2007 even better.

Everyone is able to obviously give if they have a paypal acct or a visa/mc from our site. Obviously there are countless drop off points if you'd like to donate a toy directly to toys for tots. 8thcivic won't be getting involved with directly sending toys, just donations. So, let's all get together and help bring some Joy to those less fortunate.

Let's see how many children we can help out this year. It's all for a good cause and every penny obviously helps out. We'll end up making one large donation on the 15th of December. So dig deep and help make some little child's Christmas a whole light brighter this year.

Feel free to add this link to your sig, myspace, aim, email, whatever. Let's get a great turnout for this year.

I will update this thread on a daily basis with running donation totals, and possibly a list of donors if the people would like to be added after donating.
Every little bit helps!

You will get a title added on to your acct if you are a donating member from this site.

Let's show the world what 8thcivic is capable of!


- Also keep your payment info as a receipt for taxes. Toys For Tots donations are fully tax deductible. Remember, tax time is just around the corner.

Another $400 dollars was offered to 8thcivic on top of the $4000 raised. We ended up with

$4400 worth of donated toys this year. A big thanks goes out to Toys R Us for allowing us to shop and donate gifts.


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i will be donating tommorow.

the more you donate there should be a different avatar for every level like color or w/e
this is charity and i think its cool to challenge people to out donate you.. i'm already in for $25 :box:

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2 years in a row for a great cause.:dancing:

Thanks to everyone who donated,thanks webby for putting it together.

Do it for the kids guys and gals,every little bit helps!!!
exactly. Im gonna add this to my sig! Just like Mike. everyone want to be like mike lol!!
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