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Due to users abusing the Chat threads, and violating the site rules in them, the old threads have been closed and new ones opened only under these conditions:

  • Posts related to selling items absolutely will not be tolerated.
    Any failure to comply with this rule will result in the member being banned without question, and if this continues to be a problem the thread will be permanently closed and all duplicate threads will be closed as well, with the OP's account subject to administrative actions taken.
  • No street racing posts, no exceptions.
    Don't try to be clever in circumventing the rules either, it's pretty obvious when a racing post is legal or illegal, this includes activities that take place on "closed roads/airstrips" and suggestive locations like at "the track" to avoid confusion provide time slips. If there is any doubt the post will be deleted.
  • Do not argue and bicker.
    This is supposed to be a friendly place, not a battleground. If you have an issue with another member please either take it to PM or notify a moderator so we can mediate the problem and, hopefully, resolve it.
  • Posting any nudity or links to pornographic sites (or sites with pornographic ads) will result in an instant ban, no questions asked.
  • No posts in any language other than English.
    Failure to comply with this will result in the thread will be the thread will be permanently closed and all duplicate threads will be closed as well, with the OP's account subject to administrative actions taken.
  • No discussion of anything possibly related to copyright infringement.
    This is a legality issue, and as such we take it very seriously.
  • No post whoring.
    If you want to whore, take it to VIP,if you're not VIP, now is a great time to consider joining. Posts that are considered whoring will be deleted.
  • Don't violate any of the other rules found here.

If these rules are broken again, the chat threads will get closed and will not be reopened. Individuals who violate these rules will get a 7 day ban.


Chime in and your number will be issued, seniority and activity determine precedence. Must actively be involved in Atlanta and metro area meets and events. Must be active on the forum as well as promote and support the 8thcivic.com! VIP's encouraged.

Members who go 100 posts inbetween posts will be taken off the list, try and post regularly and stay involved. if you cant make meets let us know so we can have your share of the burgers!

An ATL Squad decal will be in the works, now im not one for flashy stickers so im thinking flat black, but we can have a vote. Maybe we can solicit blue rocket to produce them or design them. Lets get some ideas going!

GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

1."Ridge"Racer NHBP FA1 (TW FG2 SOLD!
2.beezy06fg2 (typeS pimp) ASM FG2
3.Civicn33b RR FG2
4.MrHardcore320 FBP FA5
5.justforfun RR FG2
6.boogsSi RR FG2
7.airportguy770 NHBP FG2
8. Utsaappt802 NHBP (FA something, i forgot too bro!)
9. saucycivic ASM FG1
10.civicblu16 ABM FG1
100. MrsJrotax FBP FA5/MUGEN GP's
101. jrotax101 FBP FA5/MUGEN GP's (by request only)
12.redsi06 RR FG2
13.chronic si RR FG2
14.Dragon88 FBP FG2
15.ItsGoatee TW FG1
64.Scubastevect64 FBP FA5
16.TarDawg HABI FA5
17.fijicivic24 FG2
18.blackSi2007 FG2?(Savannah)
20.Silver8th FBP FA5
21.civicsteph ASM FG1
22.puddin44 TW FA5
23.07 Fiji Blue FBP F?
24.senfinger NBP FA5
25.evilone FA1
27.blacksiboy NHBP FG2
28.hondamtrco4life GGFA5
32.geeKISSexy23 RR FA5
33.06GAsi NHBP FG2
34.flamewing FBP FG2
35.austinxcore444 NHBP FG1
2006.xtv-sidecar Habi FG2
00. [email protected]
36.cemvural NHBP FG2
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that sucks man :(
Yeah tell me about it, everything will be okay for 6 months, then bam something happens. Either me and my car are cursed, or I just wasnt allowed to have nice things.

If I could just find a CF cover, it would look awesome, but its pretty much scratched to hell and back.
76205-SNA-A01ZK - for fiji pearl - i may be wrong so don't quote me on it! haha
That map was tough to make out, thanks robert. just the housing looks to be 30 bucks. So I can deal with it till I have some extra scratch to pay it.
Apple just changed iTunes last night...a little crazy imo. Been gone awhile, but good to see everyone is still kicking. Sorry about getting laid off dave, this will be an issue with the canidates in Nov. My family is in the same boat, mom has no job, im getting shaft on hours cause of the economy. Hopefully I can start Substitute teaching soon. Gwinnet pays a good amount.
you mean you dont have a stock one laying around? Cant sell it with the CAI on it?
Damn josh, too bad this guy doesnt just want to take as is. I'd swap if I know I wouldnt put it back on for service...but Im still thinking.

P.s. Im Facebooking you my number since you dont have it anymore
Im planning to go to perimeter next semester, take a few classes and then get my MAT or MED at Piedmont or UGA in athens. But if my rents have to move to savannah I might go back to Southern and get it there.
I'd be pretty pissed if someone did that. I was at a party a few years ago when the cops showed up for a "noise complaint" and they ended up searching everyone at the place cause they said they smelled pot. It was bogus, they saw a bunch of people drinking and a hookah in the floor and decided we were all smoking.

Anyone else find it funny josh showed up for 2 days, now hes MIA again.
so my friend has a dilema. he needs some extra cash, hes spotted an SI sedan for 15,900 and wants to trade in his Speed3 for the thing hoping he can get lower payments. He wants to go back down to the payments on his altima se-r, which was 180 a month, now hes paying 250. What you guys think?
wat si 4door for 15?? where tell me noww : ]
Some seller out in Marietta that has it listed for 15,900...then when you go to his website every car is listed for 15,900. Its like one of those places you see on the side of the road that sells cars, i think its fishy

I'm not being sarcastic, but I'm not following your buddy's trade logic... For pete's sake, which car does he prefer to drive? The payment complaint seems a bit rediculous.

If this person was complaining about the payment, mpg and insurance combined, perhaps that'd be a valid argument...
I dont know what hes thinking. He just told me that him and his wife are short on money and cant pay this bills they have racked up. which confuses me because she makes a good amount. he had an SE-R that was almost paid off and he wanted a Speed 3, got the speed 3 and he likes the car but wants his payments to be where they were when he had the SE-R. Which I tried to tell him is hard because my payments are 380, no trade, down payment was the insurance check from my accident, and I still live at home till I can pay off my student loans/ Finish grad school.

I think the whole idea wont solve anything if he still wants a mod car. he wants to go back to low payments, get something he can afford.
ha.. so right on that.. oh well.. i usually fuel at 1am on my way to work when i do.. no lines then.
yeah, im on a 1/4th of a tank. And a few events that I need to attend this weekend. So I think I will be good till tuesday or wednesday. but im going at night so I can avoid lines...and line cutters.
anybody find Premium gas in Alpharetta area?? its about time to fill her up.
I doubt any place in atlanta will have premium gas for a few weeks. Most of the demand is on unleaded, and thats what is getting made. I had to put unleaded in mine the other night...either that or walk home at midnight, once wont kill me. try octane booster?
my friend in Birmingham says they have gas and no problems. Same with my friends in statesboro. So it sounds like its just metro atlanta getting no gas cause the companies are at half shipping.
121 - 134 of 10104 Posts
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