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DATE SET------April 4, 2009

OK....9AM on Satuday April 4. Everybody on the list, let me know for sure who can or cannot make it.

ATTN all 8thers looking to get their cars dyno'd. I talked to All Aspects Motorsports in Chesapeake today (place Nikko had his car dyno'd at) about doing a 8th Dyno Day. Normal price $55-3 Pulls. If we can get at least 10 cars, they will do it for $45 for 3 pulls. They prefer saturdays for group things like this (which probobly works better for 99% of us), and need at least a week or so notice on this. So im thinking we can do this, and afterwords cruise out and go get some dinner and maybe a photoshoot after. Just right now trying to see what saturday will work best and if you can do it. Ill take all maybes and comfirmed and create a list. If interested, either reply to this or PM me. Looks like a good time to get up and see what kind of numbers we are putting down bc i know we all wanna see what andre (azulsi) is putting down. LOL. So start shooting some good weekends for everyone. I have the next 5 saturdays off, so i should be able to do this anytime within the next month or so. Here is the address to the place and list of confirmed/maybes below. Also they said they can normally do about 20cars easily in a day.

All Aspects Motorsports
136 Tilden Ave
Chesapeake, VA 23320

1. 08LownSlo
2. FDcivic23
3. 1 SICK SI
5. ek9toFG
6. Mookie469 (maybe)
8. gotsnodooks
9. captainCaveMAN09
10. MugenCSi
11. CNUco2007

Lets Get At It...........

Also remember space is limited...so its more of a first come first serve type thing, as stated, they said they could get about 20 cars in a day give or take a few..

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yo nikko you should get your boy with the turboed em to come out too
Dammit, you beat me to it! I was going to start the thread but oh well, more pressure on you, haha. I'll ask him to come out. Hopefully he won't be deployed by then.

Go ahead and set the "count" to 20 people and lets make a day out of it. Of course you know I'm already down. As far as dates, these are the Saturdays I can't do: March 28; April 18, 25; May 9, 30. Any other Saturday will work.
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