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There will be a registration fee of $35 fee per person that covers the price of the dinner on Saturday night, an official 8CCD-VI program for each person with the itinerary and maps, awards, and any supplies that I need to purchase for the event. If your guests are going to eat dinner too, then I need $35 for each of them also.

How do I pay the fee?
The preferred method of payment is through PayPal. Be sure to include your 8thCivic.com screen name in your comments. The email address to send money to is "Chris's user name at this website". (If that last sentence doesn't make sense to you, PM me.)

I will also take money orders if you make arrangements with me through PM.

What happens if I don't pay the fee?
If you do not pay the fee, you cannot participate in the dinner banquet including the receiving of door prizes and awards. Also, you cannot participate in the 8-ball tournament. The fee does not include the price of other meals and activities.

Why are you charging a fee?
First, I need to give Fontana Village and our other hosts an accurate count of how many people we will have for the various activities. I have tried over the years to have sign-up lists but people tend to cancel without telling me and ignore me when I PM them about it. That has been one of the most frustrating parts of organizing this event.

Second, the fee will cover the cost of an official program which will have a copy of the itinerary, maps, directions, etc.

Third, it keeps me from having to use my own money for trophies and other supplies needed for the event.

When are the deadlines for paying the fee and receiving a refund?
The fee must be paid on Sunday, August 21, 2011 before midnight.

The last day for a refund of your fee will also be August 21, 2011. There will be no refunds after this date. If you paid through PayPal, I will not be responsible for any PayPal charges lost in the refund of your fee.

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the first time to the dragon is awesome, you will love it and the crazy antics of all the 8th drivers.

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Oh I believe it, I hear its a blast, I know people who conquered the dragon already, had a blast, I cant wait to conquer it myself.

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We have 6 people coming our way including myself from st Louis lol just have to get everyone to register soon before cut off lol

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COOKSTAR #12 on the list is ka11si and ill probably be sending you more $$$$$ my 17 year old son wants to join me. (i think he just wants the time out of school)

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COOKSTAR #12 on the list is ka11si and ill probably be sending you more $$$$$ my 17 year old son wants to join me. (i think he just wants the time out of school)
or he heard that there will be a bunch of WRX there and wants to catch a ride :)

It'll be fun to caravan down with you for a few hundred miles
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